Wednesday, November 3, 2010


If you don't know about Harvard Sailing Team, then you must have been living under a stupid rock because they are pretty much the funniest people on the planet (after me, of course).

I wrote about them once a long time ago, so you should have already read that...right?

But here I go again.

Meet the Harvard Sailing Team Sketch Comedy group.

I totes stole that picture from their website, but I had to show you how cute they all are. Obviously.

Do yourself a favor and watch these videos.

Do you love them? Good. Do you want more?

Check out their website.

Follow them on Twitter.

Like them on Facebook.

And most importantly, watch their hilarious new video!


  1. Hilarious! I love it! Sent it to my sister, who will adore this.

  2. i can't see the videos or photos that you posted? probably my computer. i will check back later. p.s. that----> has to go!

  3. So, I guess I've been living under the "stupid rock" for some time now because I have never heard of them... I did however watch that video when you posted it oh so long ago.
    PS: I don't believe they are a sailing team at all.