Friday, November 5, 2010

Hush and Paint

Last night after work, I went to my second favorite place in Oxford. Second only to the Grove. Nailthology. Now, as I've said many times before...I am not girly. But my nails are always painted.

I only do two girly things on a regular basis...get my nails done, and have a period. Oh yes. I went there. You're welcome male readers. I said the p word.

So anyway, I have four favorite fall colors.

This time, I went with Black Onyx. So sassy. And while Chris Le, my nail guy, was painting them...we had an odd conversation. 

So you don' have a boyfrien' no mo'?
Oh, no. We broke up a while ago.
Yeah I thought so.

Wait a minute...we've never talked about my boyfriend (or lack thereof). Granted, I used to occasionally pay with a card that had a man's name on it, but still. It was never a conversation topic. So why did you think so? Because I never wear makeup anymore? Probably. Whatever. 

My nails are painted and I'm leaving work in one hour to make this trip...

Yeah. Dreadful. It's gonna be worth it though! Can't wait to get there!


  1. LOL that dude has some type of spidey sense or something.

  2. Lincoln Park After Dark and Black Onyx are two of my favorites!

    I love how the people in the nail salon ALWAYS know what is going on in your life and/or how to make you feel bad about it. The woman who has been doing my nails since HS recently asked me if I had boyfriend and when I said no she was like "Ohhh… STILL?!" ...

  3. Lincoln Park after Dark is one of my favs.

    I've got 2 current favs - Oh, to be 25 again and Diva in Geneva - they are reddish hinted darker colors with a brown hint.


    Following from Mingle Monday!