Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm a Social Network

Obviously. I have 3 missed calls from numbers I don't recognize. That means I gave my number out to 3 guys (hopefully) last night and they all called. Score. Well, not really, cause I don't remember who they were. Whatever.

So, Morgan and I had planned to have a sister date to see The Social Network. I'm obviously obsessed with Facebook, plus I have a little crush on Mark Zuckerburg and Jesse Eisenberg. (Maybe I like dorks...maybe I like guys whose last names end in "berg". Either way, they're both adorable.)

Well, sister date got turned into me becoming the third wheel which got turned into 4 of us going out to a bar instead of going to see the movie. Thanks a lot, Chris. (It was totally his decision.)

Going out on a Monday? Always never a good idea. And by never, I mean never. Also never a good idea? Shots. Tequila shots. Multiple tequila shots. I have a little tequila shot story that I'll share with you all another day. (Long story short: 12 tequila shots, old faithful, almost dead.)

Anyway. So we go out on a Monday night. That's harmless, right? Wrong. Wings, ribs, 1890803270 beers, 2 tequila shots (okay it was 4) later...and I'm throwing up on the balcony of Roosters. Not really. Yes, really, actually.

Okay, let me start at the beginning. Morgan and I planned to go see The Social Network together because we haven't had a sister date in a while. But then she went and invited Brian, which is cool I guess. I like him. (And I like very, very few people.) When we got to his house, Chris was there. Chris wanted to go the bar instead of a movie. I'm sorry, but how can you say no to this face?

 Or well, this face.

You can't. You just can't. So we're at the bar...and Chris orders this shot that he calls deer beer...or dear beer...near beer? Something. It's Jager and root beer. Gross. I love root beer. Fat kid, right here. Root beer is probably my favorite drink. But mixed with Jager? Ick. But of course, I tried it. First bad decision? Check. Then come the Tequila shots. I just remember licking salt off of my hand, so I guess that means I took a tequila shot? Also, I think that's what's going on in this picture.

Yeah. The rest of my night looked that like. Blurry and with a look of disgust on my face. You know, the usual.


  1. You are my bff because of this post. Classy, fabulous, entertaining, amazing, hilarious...the adjectives go on and on. LOVE. So glad you had a fab night...wish I could've been there too :)

  2. O Tequila is my friend :) I love it so.

    Yah I almost went out last night but then that would have been 5 nights out in a row with only 4 hours of sleep each night and that is NEVER a good thing. Looks like you ad fun despite the bluriness.

    I hope you get to see Social Network though because it is good

  3. I also have a similar tequila night story. We should share with each other sometime. :)