Thursday, November 11, 2010

Morgan is 25!

I joke around with her and tell her that she's in my Top 10 list of favorite people, but in reality...she's at the top. She's my best friend. I'm only saying this because it's her birthday. I mean it!

My big sister wanted to take care of me since the day I was born...and she has. She still does today, thankfully...cause I sure still need it.

She's my big sister, my best friend, and my roommate. Let me just tell you, it's the best living situation. I've seen friendships get destroyed by living together and trust me, we hate each other at least once a day...but we always have to love each other, so it works itself out!

We were opposites growing up. We still are in many ways today. She's a nurse, I'm in Information Technology. She drinks Coke, I drink Diet Coke. The big things in life, ya know. But we're also very similar. We're both short and we both think I'm really cool.

I was a bit of an angsty teenager, I'll admit it. Plus, we went to different high schools. So I never really realized that she was my best friend until she moved away to college. But once I joined her at Ole Miss, we really became best friends!

I even joined the same sorority as her, so there's another sister dynamic.

She taught me a lot about what to do and what not to do while we were growing up, and she still does today. She's been one of the biggest influences in my life and I could never thank her enough. (God, this is getting so cheesy.)

Everyone always thinks she's the younger sister, which is fun for now...but since she's halfway to fifty I believe I'll start resenting it pretty soon.

So anyway - happy birthday to my best friend!

I love you sissy!


  1. Beautiful post!! Happy Birthday to Morgan!!

  2. PERFECT post for a delightful sister, from the baby getting brownie points

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