Thursday, November 4, 2010

OKay, let's GO!

I always get so excited for home game weekends. And I'm so excited for this home game weekend!

But not because of the game...I'm excited because I'm going to New Orleans instead of the game! Last weekend was my best friend's birthday and since we live in different cities now...we're celebrating this weekend!

Friday night, we're going to own Bourbon Street. I'm going all out and I'm excited about it. Dolled up for me means I put on eye shadow. But Friday night I'm getting this sassy girl to do my hair and makeup. And probably dress me, too. I'll bathe myself, thanks. When in Rome New Orleans, right?

 "Look at how much lip gloss I just put on. I love it!"

Woo. Get ready for some pictures. Cause it will probably never happen again. I always have a blast in New Orleans. And I always have a blast with Brad and Trinity. So I just know this is gonna be a weekend to remember...that hopefully, I'll remember.

Getting dolled up and maybe wearing lipstick for the first time ever...that's not even the exciting part. Saturday night we're going to a see my favorite band that I've seen live! OK Go! I'm sure they'll be even more amazing this time! (I saw them for the first time this May.)

I'm leaving work at noon tomorrow to drive down to the coast! And I really couldn't be any more excited to see my favorite people. Brad, Trin, (and Damian, Tim, Dan, and Andy!)

Do you have fun weekend plans??


  1. Isn't Trinity Joe's old slampiece?

  2. ooo sounds like a fun time! :) Not really any fun weekend plans yet. I am going to my boyfriends show with a big group of girls. Should be fun since I never go to his shows