Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Watch What Happens When You're Fabulous!

I left work at noon Friday and got in my gas guzzler to make the 5+ hour drive to the MS Gulf Coast to begin my weekend extravaganza. The 600+ mile trip at 10 MPG was well worth it. (But I think I need to buy a more eco-friendly and wallet-friendly vehicle before my next vacation.)

I arrived at Brad's office in Gulfport at about 5:30. He, Trinity, and Jay were patiently waiting on me. Brad gave me the 20 second tour and we hopped in his car to head to NOLA.

Trinity packed a mini bar, so happy hour began immediately in the backseat. We whipped our hair the whole way to New Orleans.

Hotel. Valet. Room. Freshen up. Head out.

Dinner at Dickie Brennan's. Boy, I forgot how much I love a medium rare filet. Maybe because I've been single for 9 months and you don't buy yourself a filet at girl's night...whatever. Fabulous food.

After dinner, Jay went to meet some friends at the Spotted Cat and Trinity, Brad, and I went to Oz.

"If guys knew how many girls went to bars just to dance, all bars would have techno music and lots of lights." 

Brad received a phone call and all I heard was, "You better be serious." Then he hung up..."Trinity get down off the platform. Y'all get your shit together we're going to the Spotted Cat. Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen are there."

"Umm...who's Andy Cohen?"
In unison: "Ugh Faye! Shut up!"

What? I didn't know. I don't watch Bravo. Correction: I didn't watch Bravo.

Anyway. We got to the Spotted Cat, ordered some drinks, and found Jay. It was a rather small bar, so we happened to be standing right next to Anderson Cooper. A random girl walked up to him and was being a total fan. He either thought we were with her or was using us to get away from her because he turned and introduced himself to us and chatted with us for a second before walking off to get a drink. 

A bit later, Trinity and Brad talked to Andy Cohen.

He is fabulous. I am now a bit obsessed.

You know who else is fabulous? Me. Oh, and Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa, and Ellen Barkin.

Hello! Mateo, Hayley, and Annette Atkins? Perfection. And they were all so nice!

Kelly Ripa said to Trinity, "Now do you do your own eye makeup or do you have someone do it? And are your eyelashes real?"

I knew I should have gotten Trin to do my makeup! Bummer. At least I let her poof my hair.

After our fabulous encounter, we spent the rest of the night dancing on the stage at The Pub.

We did run into Andy Cohen again later that night and I said to him, "I don't really know who you are because I don't watch Bravo, but you sure are cute!"

Wake up. Recap (as much as we can). Breakfast. Coffee. Naps.

Dinner in uptown. OK Go concert in Uptown. Back to The Pub. As soon as we walked to the dance floor, these guys came up and started dancing with us. Well hello guy in the 3 piece suit, of course I'll dance with you. When they brought Andy over (yes, two nights in a row = first name basis) I realized that they were with the group from the previous night. I told Andy that we met him the night before and the sweet thing pretended to remember me.

The Pub plays the best music so Trinity, Brad, and I passed around dance partners all night. I think everyone's favorite was that delicious man in the 3 piece suit. (He was mine anyway.)

At one point, he and I were dancing on the stage and Mark (yes, Consuelos) came up to talk to him. So, Mark stood next to me while I danced with mystery man. That basically means I danced with Mark. Sorry Kelly!

We danced the night morning away and eventually made it back to the room for a few hours of sleep.

Sunday. Sleep in. Wake up. Freshen up. Check out.

Trinity met a friend for brunch while Brad, Jay, and I went to Port of Call where I ate the best hamburger and baked potato of my life. I wonder if they deliver to Oxford? Someone look that up for me.

After a few more drinks at The Pub, our NOLA adventure was over and we headed back to Mississippi. (We whipped our hair the whole way back, too.)

I stayed with Brad Sunday night and Trinity came over for Desperate Housewives and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It was my first Housewife experience. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. But, I will say that Andy was just adorable on Watch What Happens Live!

So, that was my fabulous weekend. I'm glad to be back home to my simple life and out of the glitz and glamour...not. Can I go back?


  1. WOW!!! That is frickin AMAZING! Seriously. I never have star spottings or encounters. Not sure if I would be able to handle it as awesome and chic as you did.

    GHreat pictures. Looks like you had the time of your lives. Couldnt ask for a much better trip than that

  2. still waiting on my cafe du monde ;)

  3. Highly jealous of your trip...despite my numerous celeb encounters (All good, of course) I would love to meet Anderson Cooper. He seems like such a cool guy and I could sit and discuss politics (And women..I think) with him. =)

    Sounds like an amazing trip.

  4. ...and I say this in the most loving way...shut up. Way jealous.

  5. Was Anderson with someone other than the celebs you mentioned?