Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What am I thankful for?

Tomorrow is this little thing we call Thanksgiving. So, today...I'm trying to focus on everything I'm thankful for. 

First of all, It's kind of crazy how different my life is now than it was last Thanksgiving. Just one year ago! I thought my life would have taken an entirely different turn than it did. But I'm thankful for the way it's going.

I'm also thankful for...

my family.
my friends.
my job.
my blog/twitter friends (not facebook).
the fact that I'm going to my mom's today.
and that we're not having turkey tomorrow.
sunflower seeds.
Kurt Cobain.
books about Kurt Cobain.
Ole Miss football (even this year).
NFL (namely, the Pats).
Benjarvus Green-Ellis.
the fact that I see my best friend this weekend.
Tom Brady's long hair.
smart water.
pumpkin pie.
my new skinny jeans.
Glee. Well, Kurt on Glee.
much, much more (but I'm bored with this).

So yeah. Happy Thanksgiving to all. What are you thankful for?


  1. Thankful for YOU, my sweet friend! Love this list, it's so totally you. It wouldn't have been complete without sunflower seeds, football, and Kurt. Oh, and of course, me. Love you big time. Blessed with your friendship, and can't wait to reunite :)

  2. You are SO cute!! Thank you a million time for being so sweet - that means a lot to me! :)

    Very thankful to have have such wonderful blog friends like you! Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving!

  3. Yay Thanksgiving. Im loving your list.

    Im also thankful for Ben jarvis-ellis because he has gotten my a shitload of points on fantasy football!

    I am thankful for
    -all my loved ones
    -blogging and my bloggy friends
    -my pets
    -having a wonderful home
    -my job
    -nfl (especially the chargers and hopefully their winning streak)
    -all sports in general
    -my life and my health
    -my computer
    -the time off that i had