Friday, January 7, 2011

Fayesbook's Sexiest Men Alive

In November, People magazine released their Sexiest Men issue, awarding the coveted title of Sexiest Man Alive to Ryan Reynolds.

 via People

Well, People, I disagree. While Ryan is extremely hot, I wouldn't go so far as to say he is the sexiest man alive...or even on the list. For, hot, handsome, cute...they are all completely different.

The first guys that come to mind when I think of these adjectives?

Jake Gyllenhaal
Tom Brady
Jensen Ackles

Jon Hamm 
Thomas Gibson
Roger Federer

Matthew Gray Gubler
Joesph Gordon-Levitt
Chord Overstreet 

But Sexy? Sexy is an attitude. It's an aura. And Ryan Reynolds isn't my definition of it.

So who are my Sexiest Men Alive?

5. Paul Walker

4. Shemar Moore

3. Adam Levine

2. Ben Affleck

Now, that is sexy. Ben Affleck would be my number 1 Sexiest Man Alive for as long as he is alive if I hadn't stumbled across this random Express model. So here you are. Fayesbook's Sexiest Man Alive....

Now somebody, find out who he is and set me up.

1. ??????

Who do you consider sexy? How about hot, handsome and cute?


  1. I think you and I have identical brains, because I totally and completely agree with you!!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of Adam Levine, who I agree is pretty darn sexy. And Tom Brady used to be hot, but dude has seriously got to get a haircut.

    Hot-- Jake Gyllenhaal
    Handsome-- Jerry O'Connell
    Cute-- Chase Crawford

    But my sexiest man is Joshua Jackson. Sigh...

  3. Taye Diggs-hands down, sexiest man alive.

  4. Mingle Monday shout out!
    Completely agree about Ryan Reynolds. Hot? Oh yes. But sexiest man alive, he is not.

  5. Thanks for linking up! Sorry I am so late to comment. Ryan...mmm hmm!!

    Funny because I am preparing my next Man Candy Monday and the subject is Paul Walker ;) Oh and you listed JGL, totally hot in a nerdy way (to me).