Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Want it Wednesday: Birthday Edition

My birthday is rapidly approaching. It is a mere 13 days away. I usually start the countdown at 113, so it really is super close in comparison to the norm.

I know you're thinking, "Oh no! 13 days??? That's not enough time to get you a present!!"

Never fear, friends. That's why I'm supplying you with Want It Wednesday!

I've done Want It Wednesday twice before (here and here) and haven't really gotten any of things things I wanted, so maybe it's bad luck? Well, whatever, let's turn that luck around.

1. Money Tree

I would prefer an already grown (and blooming) money tree, but if you just have a money tree seed, that will work too. Or I'll take cash, check, money orders...or a donation via paypal.

2. TV on DVD

I also kind of want to start Mad Men. And maybe Lost? But for now, I like rewatching old episodes of the best shows.

3. These pillows

I have the duvet and the shams, but I'm missing the matching pillows.

4. Designer Handbag

I can't even supply a picture with this one because I have no sense of fashion. Which is exactly why I need this one to be picked out. I'm definitely not a label whore. My jeans come from Forever 21. My dresses come from...Forever 21. And most of my jewelry comes from (you guessed it) Forever 21. (Excluding my Michael Kors watch.) But I need a nice handbag. A nice, designer, handbag. (I don't even know what designers make handbags. Whatever.)

And don't worry. If you don't make the 13 day deadline, I'll still accept birthday presents all year 'round. Happy soon to be birthday to me!

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