Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Win It Wednesday!

Ladies and gents. (Okay, maybe just ladies...) You all wish Chris Lambton was the Bachelor, right? And that you were a contestant, I'm sure. Well, it didn't quite work out that way... But we can still pretend it did.

Who wants to win a personalized gift from America's favorite almost-Bachelor?

I could tell you what the gift will be but it's a surprise! Oh, and we haven't actually figured it out yet. But it'll be good, I promise.

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To enter:

In the comments section, enter your name & location [Faye W., Oxford, MS] along with your answer to this question:

If Chris had been the Bachelor, who do you think would have gotten that coveted first impression rose?

A winner will be selected randomly from all the entrants. Entry ends Monday January 10th around noon (central time) and we will announce the winner before the new episode of The Bachelor begins!

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  1. Malorie E. Salt Lake City, UT
    I think Chris would have given the first impression rose to Emily. She is so cute and sweet! Or Michelle cause she is my hometown girl and went to my high school. C-wood Pride!

  2. Holly P., Groveport, Ohio

    The immature side of me thinks that Chris would have given Keltie the First Impression Rose. I mean, how could he not after her, "I'm bendy!" comment? The serious side of me thinks he would ahve given it to Ashley S., especially if they would have talked about their shared experience of losing a parent. Plus she seems like a sweet, Southern girl and it seems like he likes that. :)

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  4. Megan F., Milwaukee, WI

    RENEE DUHHH!!! Actually no, I think Chris would have gone for Marissa as soon as she said sports, though her bio says something about the Tampa Bay Rays so that might be a dealbreaker. But based on the 7 seconds we saw them talking she seemed to ask Brad nicer "tough" questions than most of the other girls. Though maybe Ashley S. because she, or so we saw, was one of few that was over Brad's past.

    HOWEVER, I think things would be completely different if Chris was the bachelor intead of Brad. This episode was such a Debbie Downer because of all the berating Brad got and with Chris that never would have happened, also Chris getting waxed would have been HILARIOUS!

    Final answer is Marissa.

  5. Sue - Wakefield, Massachusetts.
    My guess would be Alli because she bears a resemblance to you, Faye (at least from the pictures I have seen). Gorgeous eyes & smile & beautiful hair. Either that or Stacey, since they share a home state (and MA isn't terribly big) and I'm betting both of them are Red Sox fans ~ never know when you might run into a Yankees fan from out of state and that could put a big damper on things!

  6. Candice C. Ashville,Alabama
    I think Chris would gave the rose to Emily because she was the sweetest girl there.Plus her story was so sad.

  7. Elizabeth A., Birmingham, Alabama

    I think Ashley S., and not because of her back story. She just seemed really relaxed, funny, and sweet.

    I also agree that it was a total Debbie Downer situation and the girls would have acted different had it actually been Chris.

  8. Amber Watson, Fort Collins, CO

    I think he would have chosen Ashley S. She just seems like a sweet girl that's normal. LOL She also doesn't look like a super high maintenance girl-just more laid back, but cute.

  9. Sue, Minneapolis, MN

    I'm picking Marissa as Chris' first impression rose winner. Yay for girls who like sports!

  10. Marta T, British Columbia, Canada

    OK - my pick is Britt. She is beautiful, loves to cook, has a history of being in gymnastics so she is probably at least somewhat sporty. Sounds like she likes to have fun - she hosts a costume halloween party every year and makes a fancy meal.

    And runner-up .. maybe Jill because she sounds like a laid back type of girl and she's pretty. And a few years older... She loves baseball and drinking beer and hot dogs - any guy would love that, I think!:)

    Good luck, everyone!

  11. Laura R., Pittsburgh, Pa

    I think he would have picked Emily or Ashley S. They both seem to be very sweet, genuine women that made the best first impression. They weren't trying too hard to be bold or ridiculous in front of Brad because the cameras were there or because they were trying to "compete" with the other girls... (ahem, fang woman) They were just themselves! Nothing is worse than people putting on an act to "impress" others.

  12. Caitlin C., Manchester, TN

    Since Faye would naturally have been on Chris L.'s season of The Bachelor he would obviously have given the first impression rose to her, as well as the final rose, and the ring. No contest. Duh.

  13. Julie C., Edmundston, NB Canada

    Caitlin, I LOVE your answer! Hilarious!

    I think maybe Cristy, the 30yr.old lawyer, or Melissa, the waitress, from CT, both blonds, and closer to his age...gosh it's so hard to choose for someone else...!!

    I think Ashley S. was definitely cast with Chris in mind, esp.with her backstory, but she's young and seems so fragile and vulnerable, I'm not sure she would have had FIR.

    I also liked Lauren, the high school teacher, since she and chris would've had something in common.

    BTW will Chris be providing the answer to the question? It sure would be interesting to find out who his FIR would have been. Good luck everybody!

  14. Szilvia B., BC, Canada

    I tried to choose just one contestant who I thought might have received the first impression rose from Chris, but I ended up choosing four of them, each for slightly different reasons.

    Ashley S. and Emily were my top two picks after watching the first episode, but I wanted to find out a bit more about the others, especially the ones who didn't get as much screen time. I found myself adding a couple more to my list.

    Ashley S. seems to be awfully sweet, fun, spontaneous, and a natural beauty who isn't all about herself.

    Emily seems very kind, genuine, relaxed, and comfortable with who she is.

    Britt was thoughtful to bring a little bundle of goodies along - I can relate to the joy of cooking/baking for others (right, Chris? hehe) - plus she seems undramatic which is usually a good thing on this show.

    Cristy seems like a lot of fun to be around. I liked her cheerful disposition and friendly smile.

    So there are my four picks for Chris. Whether or not we ever find out who he would've chosen, it was fun to consider the possibilities! Thanks to Faye and Chris for setting up another giveaway, and good luck to all!

  15. Jen G., Ontario, Canada

    Funny you should ask because as soon as Marissa mentioned sports, I immediately thought of Chris. This might have something to do with his million tweets about sports ;) That being said,this could be a dealbreaker depending on her favourite teams. My second choice would be Emily because she is supercute, just like Chris!

    Good luck everyone!

  16. Donna Waterhouse, Brentwood, NH

    Me and my daughter watched the first episode together, partly screened because she's a bit young......but she is as huge a Chris fan as I am so I let her watch a little. Anyway........ When I read this question we both said Ashley S. immediately!! We thought she was a sweet girl and Chris could connect with her because of her backstory!

    Thanks for the chance to win a prize and keep our good vibes for Chris going!! He deserves all our gushing!! ;)

    Donna and Shea

  17. Kim Savage, Boston, Mass

    Emily, she was so sweet, beautiful and I think Chris has a thing for blondes!!

    GO PATS!!!!

  18. Amanda I. Chicago, IL

    I think I'd have to pick Emily for the first impression rose. Not only was she very pretty but she was a true sweetheart, like Chris!! Emily was there for the right reasons as well, not for any publicity. I felt she was very much herself and wasn't playing any games. Beyond the first impression, she also lost a loved one as did Chris which could be a special bond they would have had together. I think both Chris and Emily are all around good hearted people and deserve nothing but the best. I think they could have been good for each other.

    Chris and Faye thanks for another fun giveaway, keep them coming, we all want a hoodie!! :)

    Good luck ya'll!!

  19. Annette Avila, Philippines

    Am i late in my post? Well, Ashley S. would be my guess 'coz she's the only girl who did not castigate Brad on his past but just being there to be his friend and to move on. That for me is something positive and a nice way to start.

  20. Alison, Ontario, Canada

    EMILY! Just based on physical appearance and the clips that were televised she stood out to me as the most beautiful and most sincere of all the women there.

    Thanks Faye and Chris for another fun contest!

  21. Debbie M, Minneapolis, MN

    So many girls made good first impressions, but so many variables! If Chris was the Bach, conversations would be so different. And of course Chris' actual first impression, includes some of the back stories, which were not actually part of the face to face conversations. Ahh, the angst of it all.....

    Since Chris seems to favor natural beauty, fun-loving humor, sweet nature, a drawl, and of course sports!! With that criteria and "just a feeling", I narrowed it down to two girls.... Ashley S. and Marissa.

  22. Zahra R, PEI, Canada.

    If Chris was the bachelor I think he would would have given the rose to Ashley S. because she's so sweet and not judgemental at all. Either her or Emily, because she has a touching story and knows what it is like to lose someone like he lost his mom.