Saturday, February 26, 2011


Sometimes I wish I was an anonymous blogger. Sometimes I just want to write about the boy I may or may not have a crush on, the girl(s) who get(s) on my nerves, or my roommate and his cats. But I can't. And it gets a little annoying.

I want to write freely about the frustrations of dating like Lilly, one of my favorite bloggers, does over at A Pre-Life Crisis. I want to write about the awkwardness of dating/life like another favorite blogger does at Awkward Sex and the City. But I can't. Any guy who dates me and therefore adds me as a friend on Facebook or follows me on Twitter is redirected right here.

Welcome, you. Our date was fun. Or not. Whatever. You won't be reading anything about it here.

It is what it is. And Faye'sbook just sounds so much better than Anony-book.



  1. girllll dont mom is reading my blog nowand i still dont censor it...sometimes youve just gotta say...fuck it.

  2. I probably shouldn't blog as much about dating as I do, but part of me honestly doesn't give a shit. Which is probably bad. I feel like after a few months, I don't really care if the guy reads it or not. To me it's art, and feels akin to writing a song about someone. Except the verses are longer and instead of referring to the subject as "baby," I refer to them as "douche bag."

    And thanks for the shout out!