Friday, February 18, 2011

Do You Ever Have Those Days?

Do you ever have those days (usually after a night out) when you repeatedly stop and think about the night before and then do something like this:

I have those a lot. Hence the header picture of my blog. I'm having one today.

Last night was YPO at the Burgundy Room. Conveniently, where that photo was taken. I was going to have one glass of wine and stay out for two hours. That would put me getting home at 9. My worst nights are always when I set goals like that. For instance, a couple weeks ago, the plan was to have dinner, a few drinks, and stay out until 10. I got kicked out of the bar and woke up in a strange place with bruises on my knees from falling down so much. Oops.

So, last night. After my one glass of wine, I was feeling a little awkward so I decided to have a beer. And then another. And then another. And then I bought my ex boyfriend one. And myself. And then I had another. And then another. I think you see where I'm going with this.

I said things I probably shouldn't have said. I sent text messages that should not have been sent. I carried on an hour long text conversation with someone thinking it was someone else with the same first name. I stayed out later than I should have. But my biggest regret? Biggest biggest biggest regret...I got a hotdog from the hotdog stand. I only ate half of it before I realized what I was doing and threw it on the ground. Thankfully.

Side Note: When I was in college, this was my blog's header picture.

 These nights are fun while they last. But they always lead to "those days". 

My entire college experience was one of these nights. And every day since has been one of those days. Does that ever change? I hope so. Soon, please.


  1. Oh boy... Well, we'll all been there, right? My advice and what I do some nights- if I really don't want to stay out late, I'll drive, that will definitely keep me from drinking more than one drink and want me to get home.

  2. You will always





    !inside yourself!

    Do you believe in yourself that you are the best one in this world (from inside)?

  3. Word on the street is that you had another one of those nights again last night