Friday, March 25, 2011

Cmon and Talk to Me

First and foremost, a friend (Beth) posted this video on her Facebook today. 57 minutes ago to be exact. I have listened to it five times. By the time I post this, that number will have gone up by at least two. Listen and love, my friends. He kind of reminds me of G. Love and I love it. Seriously. Amazing.

Now, you should see a new feature in my sidebar -- "Faye's Current Book". I got the idea from Ainsley's "On the Nightstand". I'm hoping it will encourage me to read more. (The current book was part of my graduation present from my good friend Benny. It's not that I'm just now getting around to reading's that he just now gave it to me. Slacker.) If you have book suggestions, send them my way! I'm always looking for new books to read. A long time ago I wrote about my favorite books...check that out here.

Last night, I was peer pressured into going to the bar after I got off work at 10pm. I wore a t-shirt. That doesn't happen in Oxford. And I was reminded of that as soon as I stepped into the Library and saw dresses, heels, and sequins everywhere. But I had fun and we took lots of cell phone pictures. 

Today, my fabulous workout partner is a year older. (Well, really just a day older...but you know what I mean.) Okay, that was stupid and cheesy. But I'm too lazy to backspace. So yes. It is Cholo's birthday. So, I'm going to post his P90X Day 30ish photo. That's my version of a birthday spanking. Happy birthday Charles!

American Idol. Who watches? Cause I don't. I watched one season. And it was because I just so happened to be walking through the living room while it was on when Chris Daughtry was auditioning. I liked him. A lot. So I watched. Until he left. I don't even know who won that season. I do know that he is now a sellout and I don't really like his music anymore. But anyway, my point. I've had many people tell me I need to be watching this season because it's "so good". I also got an influx of "omg you have to watch this performance" after that guy covered Nirvana. I did. I watched. And I watched another guy cover Ryan Adams. And they were both...not great. I would say awful but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. (But they were awful.) I know it's hard to like someone if the original is unbeatable. But the original is unbeatable. I hate Nirvana covers. Hate them. I'm sure Kurt would, too. So stop it. Just stop it. (Okay, I actually kind of liked one. Just this one.) But American Idol should not have access to Nirvana. What the hell Courtney Love? What are you thinking? (You know, since she controls most of the rights to their music instead of the other members...ugh.) 

Okay, my rant is over. I basically just meant to say...I don't like American Idol.

It's Friday. (Friday. Gotta get down on Friday.) And I'm looking forward to a rather low key weekend. Because next weekend will be insanely busy.

What are your weekend plans? 

Could I have put any more links in this post? It could use another? Okay, then go here. Or here. You won't regret either. Trust me. Or, watch this. You won't regret that, either.

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  1. Um thank you for showing me that video! I am now obsessed!! So good!