Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Montage Song

It's after 5pm and I'm still at work. Why? Because for the next 20 some odd days (and hopefully no longer), I have a new work schedule. 

My old schedule was 8-5 Monday thru Thursday and 8-6 on Friday. We had to switch some things around at the office because we've lost someone for a month. So. Now. My work (for lack of a better word without getting too vulgar).

Monday/Wednesday I'll be in the office from 12-9. Tuesday/Thursday from 1-10. Friday, still 8-6. Misery.

Which brings me to my montage song. A while back, I was reading Ainsley's blog and she asked, 

"If life had background music, what song would play when you made your big entrance into a room?"

I've been pondering that question ever since. 

Then today, Brad and I were discussing what song would play over a montage of happy moments from our lives. 

Well Ladies and Gents...I have discovered my montage song. I listen to it every day and it never fails to put me in a good mood. I am currently blaring it in the empty office as I sit here alone (and do work write this blog post).

Here you go. My montage song.

What's your montage song?

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