Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Slap of Realization

I'm blunt. I drink. I cuss. I kiss public. (Oops.) I don't hold back. I tell it like it is. I'm a bitch (there's that cussing, for example). 

That's me. That's my personality. But there's so much more to me that I keep forgetting about. So much more that I put on the back burner. I probably shouldn't do that.

When did this realization occur? I was talking to a friend about a boy I think is cute (of course). Actually, I have picked out the guy that is absolute perfection in my eyes. I hope that one day I will meet/date/fall in love with/marry/have kids with a guy that is half as cute/talented/kind/awesome as this guy. Or maybe the actual guy. Whatever. Not my point.

When I was telling friend about guy, friend said,

"Isn't he like really Jesusy?"

Boom. There it is. That hurt. Why would someone being "Jesusy" deter me from being interested? That's a pro, not a con. Hey guys, I'm a Christian. I definitely don't talk about it enough (or at all) and I feel extremely guilty about that. 

Now, this realization is really just something I need to work on with myself. I'm not going to quit the blog to become a Christian novelist or start shoving Bible verses in your faces. I just felt like I needed to share this realization with you all. 

My dear friend Rachel @ {simple.little.joys} said it best when she wrote a letter to her future husband.

"Above all, I pray that you are a Godly man."

I do too, Rachel. Maybe our future husbands are friends. If they aren't now, they will be once they meet us!

I know everyone has missteps in life and often get off track with their faith, but this just hit me pretty hard. Through prayer, my sweet friends (I'm really lookin' at you, Rachel), and any of you out there in Blog world that care to give encouragement...I'll be back on track before you know it.


  1. I loved this post...because honestly sometimes I feel just like you do. I am no saint but I want to find an awesome "Godly" man even though it scares me to say that because I honestly don't know if I fully know what that means. Anywho, I wish you much luck on your search for the perfect guy for you!!

  2. I loved this post too. I think we all have our moments of realization where we step back and think, "what am I doing here?" "What do I want to do with my life?" "What is important to me?" etc. I think a good self-evaluation every now and then is a great thing.

    I'm not sure if you want encouragement to find a godly man or encouragement to "get back on track," but whatever it is, I wish you the best of luck!

    I enjoy your blog!

  3. This is great, you are great! i loved this post. Sometimes we really just do get a slap in the face that makes you think, "what am i doing??" Sounds like you're already getting back on track to where you want to be :)

    a beautiful ride

  4. Girl, I totally feel you. In fact, I could've written this exact post. Being Godly is the most important quality that I would look for in a man, but sadly some of my friends don't know that. My faith needs to be more evident to those around me. Good luck to you-- you're not alone.