Thursday, March 24, 2011

There Are Things I Don't Understand

Surprisingly, this is true. There are many things I don't understand. I don't understand Quantum Physics. I don't understand Zeon's Paradoxes. I don't understand the Fibonacci Sequence or the Eulerian Cycle or where babies come from. Okay -- I do understand the last one.

But there are other things, too. More simple things.

I don't understand...

...why some people (ahem...women) don't flush the toilet. Sickos.

...people who wave for you to go first at a four-way stop. If you stopped first, go first. You're not being polite, you're just screwing up the system.

...silly bands. Sorry. I just don't get it.

...why guys spit in the toilet and don't flush it. Spit in the sink. Or flush the toilet. Grossies.

...the obsession with Lady Gaga. (It's Britney, bitch.)

...people who don't have Facebook. Come on guys. braces.

...why Pandora doesn't know exactly what I want to hear at all times. So what if Eminem, Hanson, and Marilyn Manson don't sound anything alike...I want a mix!

...Alabama fans. to tell if chicken is done without cutting into it.

...why some people don't straighten their tires when they park.

...people who listen to their iPods everywhere they go.

...people who think Cheetos are gross. (They're delicious!) music.

...rap music (other than Eminem...and Plies).

..."modern aged" women who get married and don't take their husband's last name.

I could go on for days. But you're probably bored with this. I know I am. What are some things that you just don't understand?

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  1. Too many things to agree with here to discuss individually. Instead, I'll just pretend it's Rush 2008 again and make air quotes.