Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Want It Wednesday

This week on Want It Wednesday (said in the soap opera "previously on" voice)...

What do I want? Well, other than..

this dress

this loft

a raise at work

or a new job

the weather to get (and stay) warm

a spring break


a beer (right now)

I want adventure.

I haven't done anything adventurous (unless you count walking down Bourbon Street) in a while. A few years ago I hiked Half Dome in California. 

See that peak in the top right corner? Yeah, I stood up there. So what if I had tears in my eyes the whole way up the cables? I made it to the top.

And it has been way too long. I want to go back. Or somewhere else. I need some adventure.

Cue adventurous video that inspired this blog post:

That is the second highest bungy in the world. Yes, world. (Or so the caption of the video says. Hey, I'm a "believe everything I read" type of girl.) 

Check out Campbell's other videos on his youtube page.

And let me know when you want to go bungy jumping/sky diving/hiking. I'm in!

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