Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Springtime At Ole Miss

As if I haven't said this enough...Oxford, Mississippi is my favorite place on Earth. If you've never visited, you just don't get it. (So come visit.) There's no way to describe the beauty of this place; it's magical. Not just the beauty, but the atmosphere. The feeling that is Ole Miss. Walking through campus and on the historic Oxford Square, you feel the remnants of the beautiful Old South that linger in the air. 

I don't plan to live in Mississippi forever, but I've already decided that my first vacation home will be a condo in Oxford. Football weekends, baseball weekends, Double Decker...I'll be here as often as possible!

Spring Arrives at Ole Miss from Ole Miss Zing on Vimeo.

You've never been to Oxford? Come visit me!

Challenges, Day 13:

A song that is a guilty pleasure.


  1. Only been to Oxford a handful of times to shop or tour the campus... I need to come and see the nightlife. Love the vid!

  2. It looks beautiful! I'm all interested in Ole Miss now that I saw The Blind Side. I'm so lame.