Monday, May 23, 2011

If I Can't Have Kurt Cobain...

I might as well have someone who appreciates him as much as I do.


Oh. I can't have Matthew Gray Gubler either? Whatever, I can still Google image search him, follow his tweets, and watch 83,276 episodes of Criminal Minds on Ion and A&E...daily.



Long, dark hair.

I totally have a type.

Plus, he's so weird creative. And I love weird creative.

[Warning: clicking on the above link will take you to MGG's website. Strange sounds will soon begin to flow out of your speakers. Don't even think about visiting if you can't turn your volume up and enjoy the weirdness creativity.]

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  1. Haha! Yeah for a sec I thought he was cute then was like maybe I'm weird...but seeing your post confirms it's OK to thing this weirdo is easy on the eyes lol ;)

    Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Haha, you do totally have a type, but hey-starving artist, angsty musician, it's hot!

  3. He's a cutie! I'm now following your blog! Thanks for the nice words about my pick today!

  4. Definitely one of my hottest guys! :) My friends think I'm weird thinking he is hot/cute, but he totally is my type! Love him!!!