Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Snooki...sans poof.

Does Snooki still even sport that awful poof? 

I've never even watched an episode of Jersey Shore, but I do watch television/have Twitter/know people...so I know enough. (Although I wish I'd never heard the word "smush". Sick.)

I think I remember seeing an interview with Snooki after her book was released (yeah, I'm laughing, too) where she said she wakes up in a garbage can once a month.

She's short. I'm short. She's tan. I'm tan (granted, mine is more golden-brown than orange). She's a mess. I, ladies and gentlemen, am a mess.

Thankfully, I have amazing friends that prevent me from waking up in garbage cans, or even worse...a stranger's bed/basement/bathtub full of ice.

Three times (count them 1-2-3) in the past three months, I have had nights where if it had not been for my amazing friends...I probably would have woken up in, about, or around a garbage can. Three times in three months...that is, on average, once a month.

Am I Snooki? 

So I just want to say a quick thank you to all of my friends who have my back when I drink a little too much in heels that are a little too tall and have to leave be escorted out of the bar a little too early. Thank you for making sure I get home safely with minimal injuries...and with my panties. Usually.*

*Kidding by "usually". Now, you can take it to mean either always or never. Your choice.

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  1. Aw man! I typed out a really good, long comment then I accidently hit something on my keyboard that erased it all :(

    In short, what I had said was...I was Snooki for Halloween. I hated Jersey Shore but finally gave in and started watching because it's so ridiculous!