Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ted Drugged Me

I'm single. Obviously. And my ex boyfriend just got engaged last weekend...on the beach. My other ex boyfriend is getting married next weekend...also, on the beach. (I think I'm slightly more jealous about the beach part.) Oh, and both girls have the same name. What is this? A low budget rom com? No. Because it is neither romantic nor funny. (It is kind of funny.)

Honestly, those guys were not "the one" for me and I know it. (Neither of them had the your/you're down.)

But really.

Lately (just for the past week) my thoughts have been consumed by things like being single and looking for love and catching bouquets and cuddling. Cuddling? I don't even like to cuddle (most of the time). Who am I?

I've never been a sappy "looking for love" girl. Seriously, who drugged me? I know who it was. Ted Mosby. (I've been watching How I Met Your Mother like crazy lately.) Ted is desperate to find love and will stop at nothing to make it happen.

Yeah...that's just not me. It'll happen when it happens.

In the meantime, know a hot (or even mildly attractive) single guy that wants to take me to dinner? I do get hungry.


  1. Obsessed with this post. LOVE. You're my favorite, in case you forgot.

  2. I went through that also, but the right one does come along, and he's worth the wait! I know mine was!!!

  3. That is absurd. Thank you for pointing out how crucial the your/you're difference is. You're right.

    I absolutely love your blog.

  4. I definitely think Ted Mosby is to blame, after watching a few episodes of HIMYM I get all warm and fuzzy and want to cuddle(which I also don't like) and think about marriage.