Thursday, June 30, 2011


Don't ask me how I came across this ad, but I did. And I like it. Obviously.

First of all, I think it's hilarious that Wrangler, the manly cowboy jean line, makes a skinny jean. Who knew? (Hopefully someone, because this ad is from if nobody knew, it wasn't a very strong marketing plan.)

Now to the important stuff. Somebody find out who this guy is and hook me up!

Tall, skinny, long dark hair, tattoos...

Seriously. Just my type.

*Update: His name is Vinnie Woolston. Now find him and hook me up.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fun

Happy Friday!

I'm extra happy this Friday, because my very best friend is coming to visit! [Note: to all of my other best friends, you know Brad has to publicly be my "very best friend" or else he'll get sassy. But I promise, you're on the list, too!]

This is quite possibly the longest we've ever gone without seeing each other, so today/tonight/this entire weekend is going to be insane. And I'm making him go shoe shopping with me on my lunch break. (He has better taste than me.)

For all two of you who guessed my lie from last were both wrong! Doubting my intelligence like that, you both deserve it. Yes, I could read and write when I was two. Or so my mom says. And there's a tape recording of me and my sister when I was two and she says, "here just read it" and I definitely read it. So I believe it. Also, my sister knew all 50 states and capitals at age two. Have I mentioned my dad was a genius? (Literally.)

Now, have I acted in a movie or gone on a date with a football star?

I was in a movie! And I have an amazing movie scream if anyone needs my services. Check that out here.

I know you're shocked. "But Faye, I thought you were hot stuff in college and all the athletes wanted to date you?" Yes, yes. I was. And they did. But I said no. Okay, seriously. Two Ole Miss players (who are both in the NFL now) asked me out during their college days. Well, one was a "can I get yo numba?" after a few dances on the dance floor to DJ Mario and the other was a Facebook message. Subject: You and Me; Message: Whatchu thank? 

Totally counts! But, I never dated either. Now, would I have looked better in Scarlet and Gold or Red, Black, Silver, and White? Hmm. 

Lastly, If this song isn't already stuck in your head, it's about to be. You're welcome.

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Two Truths & A Lie

We've had some changes at work lately. Some good, some bad, some just different.

The best change of all? I went back to my normal 8-5 schedule! I had been working an awful schedule that meant my Friday nights were spent in the office in front of a computer. (Now they're spent at home in front of a computer that is playing season 5 of How I Met Your Mother.)

Bad changes? Well, it's not necessarily bad, just annoying. ID badges. We have to get ID badges. With our pictures on them. I hate taking pictures. Unless there's a drink in my hand and I'm at a bar with friends.

Other changes...our department has a new director. She is also the director of another department. So our departments are becoming friends. What do friends do? They eat lunch and play games together. Or at least that's what we did yesterday.

After a staff group lunch, we played Two Truths & A Lie. My list:

a) I have climbed a mountain.
b) I had a black lab that lived to be 17 years old.
c) I've been talked about on a celebrity gossip website.

Half of the people guess option a and half guessed option c.


a) June 2006. Half Dome in California.

c) September 2010. Wetpaint.

via Wetpaint (obviously)

b) Toby was 16 years and 10 months when we put him down. (Not 17.)

via faye'sbook: People Years
Half truths? I know, I know. I'm such a cheater.

So now, it's your turn to guess!

a) I could read and write at age two.

b) I went on a date with an NFL star while he played at Ole Miss.

c) I've acted in a movie.

Leave your guess in the comments! Let's see how well you know me!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

I went to a beautiful wedding this weekend. The celebration of the joining in Holy matrimony of my two friends -- Haley and Joseph Murph.

First dance

Haley & I met freshman year when we pledged Kappa Delta Sorority but became good friends the next year while living near each other on the KΔ floor in the dorm.

I met Murph when he & Haley began dating but had seen him often since he worked the door at the Library Sports Bar (my favorite bar in Oxford the world).

Wedding Party @ the Library Patio via Scott Burton

The ceremony took place at the Oxford-University Methodist Church and was nothing short of beautiful. They used two of my favorite songs for weddings...Surely the Presence and The Prayer. Oh, and...he cried! (That, or Haley wiped away fake tears to embarrass him.)

via Scott Burton

The reception was a blast. The food, band, drinks, and cake...all fantastic. I started with 3 glasses of champagne before I switched to vodka water. I won't divulge just how many drinks I had, but I will say that long before the end of the night, the bartender had my drink poured before I even reached him and told him what I wanted.

With Cat & Linds
Kappa Delta song via Scott Burton

Once, when I met a new guy and found out he was friends with Murph, the very first thing I did was ask his opinion as he was letting me in free to the Brary. I ended up dating the guy for a year and a half. That means there was a year and a half of talks of a double date that we never got around to having.

With the newlyweds

So, you know what that means...time for the newlyweds to play matchmaker so we can finally make that double date a reality, right?

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Murphy!

via Scott Burton

Now, doesn't that make you want to have an Oxford, MS wedding?