Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fun

Happy Friday!

I'm extra happy this Friday, because my very best friend is coming to visit! [Note: to all of my other best friends, you know Brad has to publicly be my "very best friend" or else he'll get sassy. But I promise, you're on the list, too!]

This is quite possibly the longest we've ever gone without seeing each other, so today/tonight/this entire weekend is going to be insane. And I'm making him go shoe shopping with me on my lunch break. (He has better taste than me.)

For all two of you who guessed my lie from last were both wrong! Doubting my intelligence like that, you both deserve it. Yes, I could read and write when I was two. Or so my mom says. And there's a tape recording of me and my sister when I was two and she says, "here just read it" and I definitely read it. So I believe it. Also, my sister knew all 50 states and capitals at age two. Have I mentioned my dad was a genius? (Literally.)

Now, have I acted in a movie or gone on a date with a football star?

I was in a movie! And I have an amazing movie scream if anyone needs my services. Check that out here.

I know you're shocked. "But Faye, I thought you were hot stuff in college and all the athletes wanted to date you?" Yes, yes. I was. And they did. But I said no. Okay, seriously. Two Ole Miss players (who are both in the NFL now) asked me out during their college days. Well, one was a "can I get yo numba?" after a few dances on the dance floor to DJ Mario and the other was a Facebook message. Subject: You and Me; Message: Whatchu thank? 

Totally counts! But, I never dated either. Now, would I have looked better in Scarlet and Gold or Red, Black, Silver, and White? Hmm. 

Lastly, If this song isn't already stuck in your head, it's about to be. You're welcome.

Have a great weekend!!

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