Thursday, July 7, 2011

The In Betweens

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Whenever I discuss my dating history, I only mention the big parts. High school boyfriend, dated for over three years. First college boyfriend, dated off & on for 9 months. Last college boyfriend, dated for a year and a half.

I always forget about the in betweens. The in betweens are an important part of one's dating history, too. It could be one date, one conversation, one moment that changes someone from an in between to a big part. 

I've had quite a few in betweens. The other boy I dated in high school, the perfect guy I broke up with to get back with first college bf, the boy from the lake house, the guy I met in class, the ex's best friend...just to name a few.

In one weekend, SIX former in betweens all contacted me. The one from the cover band, the one that's always kinda there but never really there, the one I just recently met that didn't go anywhere, the one that never wanted to actually take me out, the other one that never wanted to actually take me out, and the not-so-romantic summer romance. Some of these guys I hadn't spoken to in weeks, some months, others years!

In betweens don't become big parts for a reason. Hopefully I can remember all six reasons before I decide revisit the past and have to learn the lessons all over again.

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  1. Wow I have so many important in betweens too! I never thought of their importance before...i should blog about them lol