Monday, August 15, 2011

Looks or Money?

As I was walking through the bar this weekend with 3 friends (one engaged friend, another friend, and her boyfriend) they told me I needed to find a sugar daddy.

Their suggestion made me realize...I'm a bit shallow. But not when it comes to money. Give me looks over money any day. Puh-lease.

Now, I would never stay in a relationship for looks or money...but if I was asked on a date by someone I wasn't really into, I would be more likely to give the hot guy a chance over the rich guy.

Britney knows what I'm talking about. Wouldn't you rather make out with a hot guy than be given expensive necklaces by a not-as-hot guy?

Well, I would.


  1. Hahahaha I am shallow too.

    In fact, we're all a bit shallow. When approached for a date or conversation we don't think "self, he's not that cute, but I bet he has a great personality". Am I right?

    It's been "scientifically proven" that we as humans protect our genes by purposefully choosing a partner that is adequate in the looks and personality department.

    So, I say don't feel bad for being "shallow" tell everyone it's a fact that it's okay!

  2. Yeah... there's gotta be a physical attraction from the get-go... You dont go, "Wow, shit he has a wonderful looking cranium, I can only imagine the type of personality that's going on in that safely guarded brain!" ...

    In saying that, unemployment and lack of self-motivation is a huge turn off for me... so as long as said hot guy can hold down a job and pay his rent and isn't a total broke ass, then sure, I'd go for the hot guy over the wealthy sugar daddy... And besides, when the hot guy becomes mine, I'll mould him and sculpt him in to my very own and inspire him with a series of anthony robbins tapes and he'll henceforth become a fat cat on his own terms ;)

    Not that I've thought this through or anything.