Friday, September 30, 2011


I just wrote a post about "Things I Think are Stupid". Some of the things that made the list?

The boy who never called me and the girl who hit my car in the parking lot on Wednesday.

And topping the list? The post itself. So here we are. Back to the drawing (writing) board. 

I've had a lot of important (read: not funny) thoughts bouncing around in my head lately and I haven't had time to be alone with them. Unlike most people (read: girls) I love being alone. So many things are better when you're alone. Reading, writing, listening to music, not talking to people. I love it.

I do enjoy being around people, don't get me wrong. I love parties and bars and football games and all that jazz. But too much time around any one person (or just people in general) wears me out. I'm not good at the sorority squeal or fake smiles or even faker hugs. Not good at = I simply don't do them. You know what? When I'm alone, I don't have to!

So, this weekend is going to be a great one. Roommate #1 (a.k.a. sister) is flying to Minnesota to see her boyfriend*. (B moved there in August after receiving a sweeeet promotion.) Roommate #2 (Rach) will be working at night and sleeping during the day. Roommate #3 (MC) will be working, too. And what will I be doing? I will be reading, writing, listening to music, and not talking to people.

*I think a long distance relationship would be perfect for me. Spending too much time with someone gets on my nerves. Just ask my ex boyfriend. Actually, don't. I think he's busy getting married to someone who doesn't hate being around people.**

**That is supposed to be funny. Not depressing. I think.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Leave It

I keep trying to write something funny but I can only think about serious topics like relationships and life goals and money and politics and shit.


So, here you go.

Thanks Brad!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


She really is a bitch.

And she's getting me back for being just that. Like I mentioned once before, when guys ask for my number...I give it to them. But then I never answer when they call. 

Scene: Friday night. Georgia game weekend. Drunk. Parking lot. Waiting for cab. With a boy. A boy that I've dated before. (If you can call it that.) Up walks a guy. (Not the guy...yet.) He tells us that he ran out of gas and needs money to get home. I give him $2 cause that's all I have*. Rach gives him $5 cause she thinks it's a $1. 

*It's not really all I had. 

Next, up walks the guy. This guy.

I like tall guys. Which is exactly what I said when he walked up. We then proceeded to chit chat for a bit, while other boy just stood and watched. And while gas money man snapped these pictures with my camera (that I thought he was going to steal). Then tall guy asked for my number. And I gave it to him. And he said he would call me the next day and find us at the game. And I was excited.

So, after giving guys my number but never answering, only giving a guy $2 when I really had more and mentally accusing him of trying to steal my camera, and then giving my number to a guy in front of the guy I was with...Karma decided to show me the ropes. 

He never called.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

[Hotty Toddy]
Yes, we lost. Yes, it sucks. Yes, we suck. But I still love my Rebs. I'll still be at every game cheering Hotty Toddy and signing Forward Rebels. I'll still wear red. Well, except for one game cause I have this awesome blue dress that I bought before we got the "wear red" memo. Anyway. Things need to change. Hopefully they will. But even if they don't...I'll always be a Rebel.

[Facebook Timeline]
Timeline goes live this week. I already have it. Because I'm a badass (and a cheater). This is what your new Facebook profile will look like (except with your info/pics/posts obviously).

Give it a shot before you flip your shit, people. I love it. Oh, and every complaint that shows up on my homepage will be met with an "unfriend". 

I got Spotify when the invites first got sent out and I thought it was cool, but didn't use it much. Now that it's linked with Facebook Timeline, I've been using it more. (So all my friends can see what I'm listening to, of course.) Today, I made a playlist called Yes, I went through this phase. And by "went through" I mean "am still kind of in it sometimes". Please tell me I'm not the only person who still jams out to this song.

I can't wait for October! It's one of my favorite months. And I have tons of pumpkin recipes to make. Plus I get to wear boots and scarves and cardigans. And Halloween. Oh, how I love Halloween...usually. Remember my past costumes? This year we were going to be the Kardashians.

Rachel's tall (Khloe). Morgan's short (Kourtney). And I have a huge ass (Kim). Perfect. But...we won't all be in town. So I need a solo costume. What/who should I be?

[Don't forget]
To vote for Ole Miss in the Tailgating Cook Off Competition.

And to sign up for my giveaway!

Friday, September 23, 2011

This is Why I'm Not a Typical Girl

Or maybe this post should be called "This is Why I'm a Bitch".

One day last week, as I was walking to my car to go home for my lunch break, I noticed something odd. There were roses on my hood. Someone gave me roses and my first reaction was not "awwww". My first reaction was "what the eff is this?" 

First of all, I had to pick those things up and not only did they have thorns, but I had to lean over my hood and I got dirty. (My car doesn't get bathed often.) Oh, and who gives someone 9 roses? Is that a popular number of roses to give? Or is that all they could pick out of someone's garden before they got caught? 

I don't even know who they were from. But I doubt it was anyone I want them to be from.

Oh, and...roses are cheesy and I don't like cheesy. But thanks anyway.

*I'm not really that big of a bitch (like Madonna) I'm kinda kidding. But just kinda.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The NEW Facebook

All I have seen over my new facebook homepage is complaints about the new facebook homepage. If I'm being honest (and I always am) I look at my own profile way more than I look at my homepage. So here are my thoughts on that.

1. I have wayyyy too many friends. But thankfully, the new Facebook homepage puts them front and center and makes it a lot easier to unfriend people that I don't really know and/or like.

2. Where is the "link" option? I post more links than anything. Fix it.

3. I was going to complain about birthdays but they're on the they always have been (except a little different). Oops.

4. I'm going to that concert. Just so you know.

5. Do people really do this enough for it to have its own button on your profile? Are you going to go through all of your 1,990 friends to see how each person views your profile? I know how they view it...they don't.

6. This is stupid. And annoying. I don't care whose photo you commented on or what you were tagged in. If I did, I would just go stalk look at your profile.

7. Why even bother telling me who's not online? Am I going to chat with someone who isn't there? Probably not.

My only complaint about the homepage is that the stories don't stay on it long enough. And Facebook really has no idea what I think a top story is. Hint: someone I don't even know updating their status to "yay it's Thursday" is not a top story.

As I mentioned once before when Facebook changed...just get used to it. Cause pretty soon you won't even remember what the "old" Facebook looked like. And at that moment, it will change again. That's how the Zuck keeps us interested, don't you know?

And speaking of Facebook, you can "like" me there. (Here.)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Square Table Cookbook Giveaway

It's time for another Win it Wednesday, don't ya think?

"College football is competitive both on and off the field. Nowhere is truer than in the SEC." - Beth Ziegenhorn

Ole Miss has received many honors this year. Not only are we Most Beautiful, the #3 party school (yes that's an honor), #10 happiest students, (and more)... but we were named the #1 tailgating town by Tailgater Magazine and the Huffington Post declared us one of the Top 10 College Towns with the Best Food

Tailgating and food? Well just mark us down for another win with the Tony Chachere's Tailgating Cook-Off Competition

Beth Ziegenhorn, Operations Coordinator for the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council, submitted a recipe out of the Square Table Cookbook. The Catfish Tasso Savory Cheesecake is from one of Oxford's staple restaurants, City Grocery. (When I think of Oxford, I think of the Square. When I think of the Square, I think of the Library Sports Bar City Grocery.) The savory cheesecake is one of the 12 finalists in the Cook-Off Competition.

Finalists? So we haven't won yet? Well, that's where you come in! Voting lasts until November 11th and you can vote every day.

For a little incentive, the YAC has asked me to give away a copy of the Square Table Cookbook.

To enter the giveaway:
Leave a comment telling me why you voted for the Ole Miss recipe (because why would you vote for anything else?)

For bonus entries:
- "Like" The Powerhouse on Facebook
- Follow @powerhouseYAC on Twitter
- Tweet about this giveaway (retweeting me counts)
- Blog about this giveaway

*Please include your name & location with each entry [Faye W., Oxford, MS] and include your twitter name or blog link for bonus entries
*All entries should be separate comments
*You do not have to be a follower to enter, but come on...why wouldn't you be?

This giveaway will end in two weeks, on Wednesday, October 5th. The random winner will be announced shorty after.

The YAC is also offering a $5 discount on the cookbook for my readers. Just mention the code FayesbookTC11 when ordering the book from YAC @ 662-234-6429.

Now, get to voting (and entering)!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall TV

I said I was going to talk about this on Friday, but I was too hungover busy to write.

I was never much of a TV watcher...until I got DVR. Now I can record whatever I want and watch it whenever I want. And eat whatever I want. Oh, DVR doesn't work for that? Oops.

I have my regulars: Criminal Minds, It's Always Sunny, SNL, (is that all?), but I never got excited about new shows...until last year. I had my eye set* on two new shows. I watched the premieres. I loved them. Second episode? Great! Then...dun dun dun. Cancel time. Both of them got canceled. (They were My Generation and Lonestar, fyi. Did any of you watch them? Weren't they great?)

So, although I'm hesitant to fall for a new show this time around, I have my eyes set* on two...again.

*Is it eye set or eyes set? I have two eyes, but are they both set? Whatever.

The New Girl (premieres Tuesday -- even though the pilot is already online)

I think this is about me. If I cried. And if I lived with dudes. (I used to live with dudes.)

Whitney (premieres Thursday after The Office.)

I'm giving it a try, although I'm not sure I'll love it. I think it will be funny, don't get me wrong...but it might get old fast. We'll see!

But what I'm most excited about happens tonight! Season 7 premiere of 
How I Met Your Mother.

I said no to this show for 6 years. (What was wrong with me?) But then I caught a few reruns and thought they were legen...wait for it...dary! I finally decided to take the plunge and watched the first 6 seasons (in 4 weeks). Annnd it is now my favorite show. It will be yours, too, I promise.

What shows are you most excited for?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

List Maker

I'm a list maker. And I can't do electronic lists. They have to be on paper. 
Don't worry, I recycle. 

I make lists for everything. To-do lists. Shopping lists. Things I want lists. I even have a "Fall TV premieres list". Don't worry, we'll talk about that tomorrow. 

Things you might be wondering about:

Yes, I balance my checkbook. I don't trust the online system. But I use it as a backup (e.g., when I don't remember just how much my tab was at the bar).

I'm finally getting an Erin Condren planner. Part of that "organization" resolution I talked about yesterday.

Best friend Brad is coming for the Georgia game next weekend! Yay! Can't wait. Also, I already have my outfit. Score!

I have a tail light and brake light out on my car. And my inspection sticker is expired. So I can't get a new inspection sticker until I get a new tail/brake light. Ugh.

Look at all those concerts I'm going to! I love fall shows. Not included on the list: my boys Ingram Hill are coming back to Oxford.

I write my WalMart list in the order of how I'm going to pick up the items. So if I ever add anything, I rewrite the whole list. Yup. OCD.

Okay, now I need to stop talking about lists and get to crossing things off.

Are you as crazy about lists as I am?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Well, it's not the New Year yet...but I already have a few resolutions that I plan to put in place in the coming months.

1. Cook more
Oh, wait. I already started that, didn't I? I always include at least one thing I've already done on my to-do lists so I can cross it out and feel somewhat accomplished. And let me just tell you...I make the best potato soup ever. Step off Newk's.

via @RachDillard

2. P90X
I have to start P90X again. It gave me so much more energy and made my days longer (because I was getting up at 5am). Lately, I've been rolling out of bed around 7:30 and getting to work at 8, still groggy. I'll settle for getting out of bed 3 hours earlier and working my ass off in the mornings if it means I'll have more energy. Plus, I'll get to eat breakfast.

3. Get organized
I'm organized in the sense that I know exactly which pile of clothes holds the shirt I'm looking for. Or which corner of the living room houses the pair of shoes I want to wear. I just never fully unpacked when we moved into our new house, so nothing is really in order. And I have yet to buy the album frames for my wall art. I need to get on that.

via Urban Outfitters

4. Read/write more
The last book I read, Not Dead and Not for Sale by Scott Weiland, I finished in three hours. But I haven't picked up a book since -- and that was over two months ago! I just bought Fall to Pieces by Mary Forsberg Weiland (Scott's ex wife) and am hoping to read it this weekend. My reading list is growing so rapidly, I'm scared that I'll never catch up. Same goes with writing. I have notebooks full of half-written blog posts, stories, and other ideas. But I never finish them. I'm such a slacker.

I think 4 is enough. I don't want to overwhelm myself. I'll let you know how it goes.

What are some of your resolutions? And what books should I add to my reading list? 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Musical Ride

As best friend/roommie/favorite blogger mentioned on {simple.little.joys}, we're going to see these boys tonight.


Basically, if Hanson is ever playing a show in a state bordering Mississippi, we're there. Nashville in 2008. Birmingham in 2009. Memphis in 2010. Here it is, 2011, and we're headed to Memphis again.

Not including that other long haired drummer, Zac Hanson is my perfect guy.

via @hansonmusic

I was already hooked when he sounded like this back in the day. But when he started sounding like this? Damn. (Click on the thises. Duh.)

I could never hate on MMMBop and it will forever be one of my favorite songs, but the guys sure don't sound (or look) like this anymore.

Check them out.

See you in Memphis tonight! 
(Hey guys, play my favorite song please.)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm Over My Fear

My biggest fear has always been spiders. I would cringe even hearing the word. I felt creepy crawlies if I saw a picture of a spider. Even those plastic Halloween spider rings got me.

Not anymore. I'm over it. Because no spider situation will ever be as traumatizing as what we experienced last night.

MC went outside and Rach and I immediately heard squeals followed by "shut the door shut the door!". I ran to shut the front door and she came in through the back. She then proceeded to tell us that she saw the biggest spider ever right outside the front door. After discussing the size of the spider, deciding it was probably pregnant, and screaming at it through the glass of the door, we had to make a gameplan.

Well, we can't smush it because I don't want baby spiders to scatter everywhere. *more squealing occurred at the thought

Should I pour bleach on it? -MC

Umm yeah sure. Just don't squish it!

MC found some Hot Shot bug spray under the sink and walked to the door. When she opened the door, she said, "there are ants too!"

I immediately ran over and said, "are you sure they aren't baby spiders??"

They were. I died.

Hundreds of baby spiders crawling everywhere. The mama spider was steadily getting smaller and smaller as more babies appeared. She was also getting deader and deader as MC proceeded to spray an entire bottle of bug spray all over the stoop.

After buying two cans of spider spray at Wal-Mart, spraying every corner inside (and outside) the entire house, and a considerable amount of squealing...I have decided that spiders don't bother me anymore. When I see a spider, I'll just least it's not hundreds of them.

Bleh whatever. I'm still scared of them.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Want it Wednesday

I'm in a very "gimme" mood that started when our department director showed up this morning with donuts. So what better way to express that than with a Want it Wednesday post?

There are quite a few things I'm wanting on this lovely Wednesday.

 Seriously. I need it for my ever growing (actually it's not still growing because I think I have every book that has ever mentioned Kurt Cobain) collection. 

I want this car... be out of my life. I need a new car. I'm sick of the gas mileage, I'm sick of the problems (the extremely expensive problems), I'm sick of not having air conditioning (also known as one of those extremely expensive problems). This car is a piece. But damn, I love the way it drives. I want something that's cheaper to fix (or isn't broken), gets good gas mileage, but drives just like a Land Rover. Any ideas? Also, any takers on buying this car? I was just kidding about all the's perfect! Buy it from me. Please!

I want this city... stop raining. Come on NYC, who do you think you are?? Seattle? No. I need for the U.S. Open to resume play. I need to see Isner and Roddick and Federer play. I need to see Nadal lose. Plus, if you keep raining and you push back the Championship match, it's going to ruin my U.S. Open viewing party! And I've made big plans for that. Okay, so actually just my mother is coming to town to watch the match. But still! If it gets pushed back to Monday, I'll be at work. And I plan on watching it on my couch in my Roger Federer t-shirt.

I want this team... get their first win on Saturday. We won't even discuss last weekend's game. 
Hotty Toddy!

So, what are you wanting? 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Second Chance?

When Kai asked me to guest post, I was in the middle of a fit of writer's block (blogger's block?). I also thought to myself, "Why does she want me to write for her readers? I'm not profound in any way." But I tried to be profound and talk about life and being stuck in a routine and blah blah blah.

Then she went and titled the post "Funny Girl" and I realized why she wanted me as a guest poster. It's because I'm funny...duh. As my blog/twitter/facebook so prominently displays:

I won't promise I will be profound but I will promise I won't be boring.

So, I'm not asking Kai to link to this or anything (yes, yes I to this post and give me a second chance at this) but if I had a second chance, this is what I would say:

Hey you. Yes, you! I'm so glad to be guest posting for Kai on All Kinds of Complicated. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Faye and I'm the least cheerful person you will ever meet...every other day. I am usually shy at first, but then I just talk and talk and talk. If I dressed according to my moods and music...I would probably be gothic. I hardly ever smile, but I am always happy. I am obsessed with pictures. I love to dance. I am OCD and controlling...a complete perfectionist, but sometimes messy. I hate being interrupted; people always interrupt me. I always fall for sweet talk. I hate sweet talk. I love to cry. I love sweet movies, but none of them beat Dude Where's My Car. I'm complex but simple. I hate when people don't respond to my text messages. I make mistakes. I have random anxiety attacks. I love to read and write. I LOVE good music. I have the most bipolar playlist ever. I love food. I eat constantly. I do pilates...once a month.

Orrrr at least that's what my Facebook "about me" said before I realized that was really annoying and just shortened it to:

I love to blog. I started blogging because I was bored (and I've always loved to write). Then the Bachelorette came along and changed my whole persona. I was obsessed with Chris L. from Ali's season. I ordered a t-shirt from his company. This this happened. (I'll wait here while you go read that.) Then Chris read it. And tweeted me. And started following my blog. I joked about giving away an autographed t-shirt from him. But then we really did it.

Oh, and I met him for dinner in Boston.

Okay, enough of that for one post.

I keep writing about Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad stuff because that's where the majority of my followers came from. But goodness gracious I'm sick of it. Well, except for looking at the cute boys.

And I have seriously considered applying. And by that, I mean 2 years in a row I downloaded the packet and completed everything (except for the video). Maybe next year? We'll see.

In the meantime, follow along on my blog to see where my life will lead next!