Friday, September 30, 2011


I just wrote a post about "Things I Think are Stupid". Some of the things that made the list?

The boy who never called me and the girl who hit my car in the parking lot on Wednesday.

And topping the list? The post itself. So here we are. Back to the drawing (writing) board. 

I've had a lot of important (read: not funny) thoughts bouncing around in my head lately and I haven't had time to be alone with them. Unlike most people (read: girls) I love being alone. So many things are better when you're alone. Reading, writing, listening to music, not talking to people. I love it.

I do enjoy being around people, don't get me wrong. I love parties and bars and football games and all that jazz. But too much time around any one person (or just people in general) wears me out. I'm not good at the sorority squeal or fake smiles or even faker hugs. Not good at = I simply don't do them. You know what? When I'm alone, I don't have to!

So, this weekend is going to be a great one. Roommate #1 (a.k.a. sister) is flying to Minnesota to see her boyfriend*. (B moved there in August after receiving a sweeeet promotion.) Roommate #2 (Rach) will be working at night and sleeping during the day. Roommate #3 (MC) will be working, too. And what will I be doing? I will be reading, writing, listening to music, and not talking to people.

*I think a long distance relationship would be perfect for me. Spending too much time with someone gets on my nerves. Just ask my ex boyfriend. Actually, don't. I think he's busy getting married to someone who doesn't hate being around people.**

**That is supposed to be funny. Not depressing. I think.


  1. Omg-- I love alone time. My friends have realized this about me and totally understand that I must have one day per weekend not to be around them (or anyone for that matter). Thank goodness I live alone. I might die if I had three roommates like you do!!

    And I used to think the exact same thing-- that a long distance relationship would be perfect. But now I'm in one, and it kind of sucks. How ironic... Hahaha.

  2. im actually quite similar. i dont mind spending time alone, there are days where i actually prefer it. i think there are people who either get re-energized from being alone, or being around a lot of people. i am not the latter.

  3. Hahaha awesome! My long distance ex is now married to someone fake also...they moved in together 2 weeks after we broke up AND invited me to the wedding. Yeah sure why don't I be the best man....NOT! Anyways just came across your blog you seem cool. :) You would probably like this post off my blog.