Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall TV

I said I was going to talk about this on Friday, but I was too hungover busy to write.

I was never much of a TV watcher...until I got DVR. Now I can record whatever I want and watch it whenever I want. And eat whatever I want. Oh, DVR doesn't work for that? Oops.

I have my regulars: Criminal Minds, It's Always Sunny, SNL, (is that all?), but I never got excited about new shows...until last year. I had my eye set* on two new shows. I watched the premieres. I loved them. Second episode? Great! Then...dun dun dun. Cancel time. Both of them got canceled. (They were My Generation and Lonestar, fyi. Did any of you watch them? Weren't they great?)

So, although I'm hesitant to fall for a new show this time around, I have my eyes set* on two...again.

*Is it eye set or eyes set? I have two eyes, but are they both set? Whatever.

The New Girl (premieres Tuesday -- even though the pilot is already online)

I think this is about me. If I cried. And if I lived with dudes. (I used to live with dudes.)

Whitney (premieres Thursday after The Office.)

I'm giving it a try, although I'm not sure I'll love it. I think it will be funny, don't get me wrong...but it might get old fast. We'll see!

But what I'm most excited about happens tonight! Season 7 premiere of 
How I Met Your Mother.

I said no to this show for 6 years. (What was wrong with me?) But then I caught a few reruns and thought they were legen...wait for it...dary! I finally decided to take the plunge and watched the first 6 seasons (in 4 weeks). Annnd it is now my favorite show. It will be yours, too, I promise.

What shows are you most excited for?


  1. I am UBER excited for HIMYM tonight! I've also been looking forward to the other two shows you mentioned. I'm thinking Whitney could go either way, but The New Girl looks promising :) Yay for tv!

  2. Is HIMYM not the best show ever?? I seriously think we watch at least one episode every day around my house... no matter how many times we've already seen the particular episode, we laugh just as hard as we did the first time. It really is LEGEN-DARY!! can't. freakin. wait.

    O and p.s. We watch quite possibly every single show on television, so if you ever need any receommendations, I'm here for ya! ha

  3. So, so excited for the HIMYM premiere tonight!! Best show since Friends. Can't wait!

  4. LOVE HIMYM. And I'm pumped about the New Girl too - as a survivor of living with the menfolk and because I think Zooey Deschanel is awesome.

  5. OMG How I Met Your Mother is could you have said no for so long????

  6. I love HIMYM! I am loving The New Girl! Also looking forward to 2 Broke Girls, Ashton on 2 1/2 men, & as usual Dancing with the Stars!

  7. Criminal Minds!!!!!!!

    So excited for the entire cast to be together again :)