Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm Over My Fear

My biggest fear has always been spiders. I would cringe even hearing the word. I felt creepy crawlies if I saw a picture of a spider. Even those plastic Halloween spider rings got me.

Not anymore. I'm over it. Because no spider situation will ever be as traumatizing as what we experienced last night.

MC went outside and Rach and I immediately heard squeals followed by "shut the door shut the door!". I ran to shut the front door and she came in through the back. She then proceeded to tell us that she saw the biggest spider ever right outside the front door. After discussing the size of the spider, deciding it was probably pregnant, and screaming at it through the glass of the door, we had to make a gameplan.

Well, we can't smush it because I don't want baby spiders to scatter everywhere. *more squealing occurred at the thought

Should I pour bleach on it? -MC

Umm yeah sure. Just don't squish it!

MC found some Hot Shot bug spray under the sink and walked to the door. When she opened the door, she said, "there are ants too!"

I immediately ran over and said, "are you sure they aren't baby spiders??"

They were. I died.

Hundreds of baby spiders crawling everywhere. The mama spider was steadily getting smaller and smaller as more babies appeared. She was also getting deader and deader as MC proceeded to spray an entire bottle of bug spray all over the stoop.

After buying two cans of spider spray at Wal-Mart, spraying every corner inside (and outside) the entire house, and a considerable amount of squealing...I have decided that spiders don't bother me anymore. When I see a spider, I'll just least it's not hundreds of them.

Bleh whatever. I'm still scared of them.


  1. Oh. Em. Gee. I'm in horror just reading this. Thank God y'all survived. I may have just moved given them the house... Holy crap.

  2. Gross! I got all skwirmish just reading this. When I was in high school a spider had babies in my bedroom....on my dresser. I died. I couldn't sleep in there for a long time. So gross.

  3. This happened to me once IN MY ROOM. WITH CARPET! I nearly died, I ran to Walgreens with my puppy in my purse so that they spiders wouldn't eat him. Nothing is worse than that situation.