Tuesday, September 27, 2011


She really is a bitch.

And she's getting me back for being just that. Like I mentioned once before, when guys ask for my number...I give it to them. But then I never answer when they call. 

Scene: Friday night. Georgia game weekend. Drunk. Parking lot. Waiting for cab. With a boy. A boy that I've dated before. (If you can call it that.) Up walks a guy. (Not the guy...yet.) He tells us that he ran out of gas and needs money to get home. I give him $2 cause that's all I have*. Rach gives him $5 cause she thinks it's a $1. 

*It's not really all I had. 

Next, up walks the guy. This guy.

I like tall guys. Which is exactly what I said when he walked up. We then proceeded to chit chat for a bit, while other boy just stood and watched. And while gas money man snapped these pictures with my camera (that I thought he was going to steal). Then tall guy asked for my number. And I gave it to him. And he said he would call me the next day and find us at the game. And I was excited.

So, after giving guys my number but never answering, only giving a guy $2 when I really had more and mentally accusing him of trying to steal my camera, and then giving my number to a guy in front of the guy I was with...Karma decided to show me the ropes. 

He never called.


  1. This made me laugh so hard!! Hopefully he is just playing the whole "I can't call for 3 or so days" game :) Precious picture of you two!

  2. I just realized that sounded kind of mean! Not laughing that the boy didn't call.. laughing at the way it was written and the "mentally accusing him of stealing" Please forgive :)