Monday, September 26, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

[Hotty Toddy]
Yes, we lost. Yes, it sucks. Yes, we suck. But I still love my Rebs. I'll still be at every game cheering Hotty Toddy and signing Forward Rebels. I'll still wear red. Well, except for one game cause I have this awesome blue dress that I bought before we got the "wear red" memo. Anyway. Things need to change. Hopefully they will. But even if they don't...I'll always be a Rebel.

[Facebook Timeline]
Timeline goes live this week. I already have it. Because I'm a badass (and a cheater). This is what your new Facebook profile will look like (except with your info/pics/posts obviously).

Give it a shot before you flip your shit, people. I love it. Oh, and every complaint that shows up on my homepage will be met with an "unfriend". 

I got Spotify when the invites first got sent out and I thought it was cool, but didn't use it much. Now that it's linked with Facebook Timeline, I've been using it more. (So all my friends can see what I'm listening to, of course.) Today, I made a playlist called Yes, I went through this phase. And by "went through" I mean "am still kind of in it sometimes". Please tell me I'm not the only person who still jams out to this song.

I can't wait for October! It's one of my favorite months. And I have tons of pumpkin recipes to make. Plus I get to wear boots and scarves and cardigans. And Halloween. Oh, how I love Halloween...usually. Remember my past costumes? This year we were going to be the Kardashians.

Rachel's tall (Khloe). Morgan's short (Kourtney). And I have a huge ass (Kim). Perfect. But...we won't all be in town. So I need a solo costume. What/who should I be?

[Don't forget]
To vote for Ole Miss in the Tailgating Cook Off Competition.

And to sign up for my giveaway!

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