Friday, September 9, 2011

Musical Ride

As best friend/roommie/favorite blogger mentioned on {simple.little.joys}, we're going to see these boys tonight.


Basically, if Hanson is ever playing a show in a state bordering Mississippi, we're there. Nashville in 2008. Birmingham in 2009. Memphis in 2010. Here it is, 2011, and we're headed to Memphis again.

Not including that other long haired drummer, Zac Hanson is my perfect guy.

via @hansonmusic

I was already hooked when he sounded like this back in the day. But when he started sounding like this? Damn. (Click on the thises. Duh.)

I could never hate on MMMBop and it will forever be one of my favorite songs, but the guys sure don't sound (or look) like this anymore.

Check them out.

See you in Memphis tonight! 
(Hey guys, play my favorite song please.)

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