Thursday, September 22, 2011

The NEW Facebook

All I have seen over my new facebook homepage is complaints about the new facebook homepage. If I'm being honest (and I always am) I look at my own profile way more than I look at my homepage. So here are my thoughts on that.

1. I have wayyyy too many friends. But thankfully, the new Facebook homepage puts them front and center and makes it a lot easier to unfriend people that I don't really know and/or like.

2. Where is the "link" option? I post more links than anything. Fix it.

3. I was going to complain about birthdays but they're on the they always have been (except a little different). Oops.

4. I'm going to that concert. Just so you know.

5. Do people really do this enough for it to have its own button on your profile? Are you going to go through all of your 1,990 friends to see how each person views your profile? I know how they view it...they don't.

6. This is stupid. And annoying. I don't care whose photo you commented on or what you were tagged in. If I did, I would just go stalk look at your profile.

7. Why even bother telling me who's not online? Am I going to chat with someone who isn't there? Probably not.

My only complaint about the homepage is that the stories don't stay on it long enough. And Facebook really has no idea what I think a top story is. Hint: someone I don't even know updating their status to "yay it's Thursday" is not a top story.

As I mentioned once before when Facebook changed...just get used to it. Cause pretty soon you won't even remember what the "old" Facebook looked like. And at that moment, it will change again. That's how the Zuck keeps us interested, don't you know?

And speaking of Facebook, you can "like" me there. (Here.)


  1. All of the people complaining about the new FB layout would probably flip a shit if FB decided to revert back to the layout/functions from the "thefacebook" days.

    The only thing that is weird to me is the top stories bit, as I mainly access the site from my phone and all that I see are the same posts over and over.

  2. I agree! I had about 295235835 status updates about how annoying the new facebook was and all the concerns with privacy.
    When I suggested they just deactivate their account if they were so concerned/annoyed, they thought I was crazy.