Friday, September 23, 2011

This is Why I'm Not a Typical Girl

Or maybe this post should be called "This is Why I'm a Bitch".

One day last week, as I was walking to my car to go home for my lunch break, I noticed something odd. There were roses on my hood. Someone gave me roses and my first reaction was not "awwww". My first reaction was "what the eff is this?" 

First of all, I had to pick those things up and not only did they have thorns, but I had to lean over my hood and I got dirty. (My car doesn't get bathed often.) Oh, and who gives someone 9 roses? Is that a popular number of roses to give? Or is that all they could pick out of someone's garden before they got caught? 

I don't even know who they were from. But I doubt it was anyone I want them to be from.

Oh, and...roses are cheesy and I don't like cheesy. But thanks anyway.

*I'm not really that big of a bitch (like Madonna) I'm kinda kidding. But just kinda.


  1. hahah I AM THE SAME WAY. I hate cheesey. UGH !

  2. bahahaha this happened to me in college. Get this... I had a class with this guy at 8 & 10. After my 8 class I ran home for something. When I went to get back to my car, there were roses on it... So dude followed me home from school (stalker status) then scooted off back to class... it was really creepy. When I figured out it was him, I quickly let him know that was really creepy and needless to say, I know longer sat near him in class and the rest of the semester was super awkward... ugh! It makes me cringe to this day just thinking about it ha! You're not a bitch... they are creepsters :)

  3. I dint like rises either. I do like it when my boyfriend gets me sunflowers. 4 valentines ago i received a beautiful flower arrangement in my college mailroom but I was actually freaked out by it. To this day j still dont know who sent me those. So I can understand not getting all gushy over flowers (especially roses) from a stranger

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!! The "what the eff is this" what be the same way I would react!

    I must say I just recently came across your blog but I LOVE it.