Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Want it Wednesday

I'm in a very "gimme" mood that started when our department director showed up this morning with donuts. So what better way to express that than with a Want it Wednesday post?

There are quite a few things I'm wanting on this lovely Wednesday.

 Seriously. I need it for my ever growing (actually it's not still growing because I think I have every book that has ever mentioned Kurt Cobain) collection. 

I want this car... be out of my life. I need a new car. I'm sick of the gas mileage, I'm sick of the problems (the extremely expensive problems), I'm sick of not having air conditioning (also known as one of those extremely expensive problems). This car is a piece. But damn, I love the way it drives. I want something that's cheaper to fix (or isn't broken), gets good gas mileage, but drives just like a Land Rover. Any ideas? Also, any takers on buying this car? I was just kidding about all the's perfect! Buy it from me. Please!

I want this city... stop raining. Come on NYC, who do you think you are?? Seattle? No. I need for the U.S. Open to resume play. I need to see Isner and Roddick and Federer play. I need to see Nadal lose. Plus, if you keep raining and you push back the Championship match, it's going to ruin my U.S. Open viewing party! And I've made big plans for that. Okay, so actually just my mother is coming to town to watch the match. But still! If it gets pushed back to Monday, I'll be at work. And I plan on watching it on my couch in my Roger Federer t-shirt.

I want this team... get their first win on Saturday. We won't even discuss last weekend's game. 
Hotty Toddy!

So, what are you wanting? 


  1. Oh heyyy girlll! I featured you today again! :)

  2. Totally with you-- ready for the rain to end in New York! I love that car, but the gas mileage is why I got rid of my SUV. I miss it all the time though. A car is just not the same.

  3. Hmmm... I want Boston to stop raining so I can stop washing my son's football uniform every night, I want summer back (it's in the 50s here), I want Friday Night Lights to come back on tv, and I want to catch up on the sleep I have missed over the past 2 weeks getting my class ready for school.