Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A few weeks ago, I met a girl at a party. We began a conversation about relationships (over beer pong). She had been in a serious relationship and is now single for the first time since high school. She asked me how I met guys when I was in college. So I told her the truth.

I saw a guy I liked and went for it. That's how I've always been. Even in high school. Freshman year, there was a new guy. I found out where his locker was and put a note in it. We dated for the next 3 years. In college it was a "Hey we should study together" Facebook message.

She (in a snarky voice, might I add) stated, "I don't chase guys. They chase me."

Well, first of all...why are you asking for advice? Shouldn't you be out running from some guy who's chasing you? (She wasn't even wearing running shoes. Psshh.) And...I wouldn't say I chased. I just kinda said, "Tag! You're it."

Okay so maybe one time I chased. But I just chased the guy away. All the way to another continent. So that's probably not the best move. (Trueish story.)

But I don't think there's anything wrong with playing tag and then being chased. There's no sense in waiting around in a tower for your Prince Charming. Just go tag him.

Or something like that.

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  1. omg. What a b*tch!!!!! I would have smacked her lol. I think being bold and going for it is the best way! The whole playing it coy and waiting for the man to make the move is ridiculous. If you want something done, you need to do it yourself! More power to you!