Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Favorites

I play favorites. If there is a group of things, I'm going to have a favorite. I have a favorite pair of jeans, a favorite piece of jewelry, a favorite book. I have a favorite friend (though I refuse to tell anyone who it is). I have a favorite restaurant, a favorite waiter, a favorite member of the How I Met Your Mother cast. Future Faye will probably have a favorite child. I always pick favorites. When was this most obvious? Boy bands. Don't tell me you didn't have a favorite (in every one).

Backstreet Boys
 Hello A.J. (He grinded his way into my 8 year old heart.)

 I wish I could take this one back. JC is a goob. I'm sorry Justin!

 The one with the dreads. (I don't know their names.) Coming in with a very close second place is the guy in the grey tshirt who conveniently looks a lot like every guy I've ever dated. And kinda like Ben Affleck.

 Yes, I went there. And I liked Chad. Or..."the shy one".

 It was a tough call between him and the other cute one (sorry third guy) but he always reigned supreme.

 Okay, I didn't have a favorite here. They all cheesed me out.

The one who says, "Uh check it check it out. Second verse girl." in When the Lights Go Out. How could he not be your favorite with a line like that? 

Hanson (then)

Hanson (now)
Zac. It's still Zac.

Who were your favorites? 

*Update! I forgot 98 Degrees. Oops. My favorite was the one that wasn't a Lachey and didn't have yellow hair. Forgot his name. But yeah, it was him.


  1. I, too, regret my love of JC. I totally should have been on the Justin bandwagon. I know I definitely am now! :)

  2. My fave BSB was def. Brian. I remember I loved him in the Backstreets Back Music video and would watch it over and over. my fave in Hanson was Zac. When I say Zac was my favorite, I mean I was utterly obsessed. Fave member of N'Sync was definitely Justin! Those were my top 3 boy bands but I did like O-Town and Five as well just not as much. :) oh and 98 degrees... that Nick Lachey was some more kind of hot.

  3. Taylor Hanson. All the way. I'm from Oklahoma, as are the Hanson boys, and I'm not ashamed to admit that we did a few drive by their family home adventures in my days. Never did see them outside playing. But they always played free concerts!

  4. Okay first of could you not add 98 Degrees in there????? Lol. Also it is too bad that Ashley Parker Angel wasn't your favorite from brother is pretty good friends with him!

  5. Jeff Timmons from 98 degrees! Major hottie!!!

  6. Justin for sure!! Been in love since Mickey Mouse Club and still just as in love. No shame for this girl!!

  7. dayummm zac hanson is getting even better looking with age!! LOVE it.

  8. My age shows here: Davey Jones, Monkees. Except when I was crushing on Mickey Dolenz, but that was only one show. The youngest brother on the Partridge Family. Chris maybe? Happy Days: Potsie when it was Richie, Potsie and Ralph playing at Arnolds, Chachi when he joined up. Yes, I realize they are all fictional bands. Still had my favorite from each one!