Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Feelings

Today, I'm gonna do something a little different. I don't usually talk about feelings. I'm not really a feelings person. But I'm ready to give it a try.

Today, I feel...

I feel...

I feel like shit. I have a hangover and I have a non hangover headache on top of my hangover headache. 

My sister always asks me why I drink so much at concerts. My response is always, "why don't you?" 

Now I know why she doesn't.

Ingram Hill came to Oxford last night. You know I love me some Ingram Phil Hill. So of course we were there.

Morg, Rach, and I ate dinner at the venue (Proud Larry's) before the show to ensure we got prime seating at the bar. I was all, "I don't want to stand on the front row. Been there, done that, got their phone numbers." But we didn't get prime seating at the bar, so we stood in the front row. Eh, why not?

Ingram Hill always puts on a good show and again, they didn't disappoint. If you don't love Ingram Hill then you've clearly never listened to them and you need to go check them out. I've mentioned them a couple of times

Favorite fans
Try not to confuse us with Kim, Khloe, and Kourt. (big ass, tall, short)

After dinner, with Phil
After dinner and a long conversation about books (where I learned that everyone thinks The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo starts off slowly, Phil has met Scott Weiland, we all love The Great Gatsby, and Rachel is super obsessed with Harry Potter) it was time for the show. A few hours and a few (four) vodka drinks later, I was lying on my back. Seriously. I fall a lot, you guys know this. Usually it's a forward fall to my knees. Not this time. It was like I slipped on a banana peel. 

I looked exactly like that except the drink I was spilling was vodka water. And there was no banana peel. I must have slipped on my dignity because I dropped it somewhere. Seriously though, I had remarked early in the night that the bottom of my shoes were slippery. It was bound to happen. Luckily, nobody saw. Or that's what I'm telling myself.

After the show, with Zach
Where am I looking? I can only presume I'm looking for my dignity. Great show, guys.


  1. I always drink too much at concerts, always wake up wondering why too.

  2. Ohhhh . . . drinking too much & falling on my ass = story of my life. Except usually mine involves something worse, like chipping a front tooth or making out with someone inappropriate. So don't feel too bad! Plus, you have on a hot dress!

  3. this post made me laugh out loud. I dropped my dignity somewhere last night too, im hoping someone turned it in to the lost and found at the bar for me.