Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Ramblings

The University daycare kids come around to all the offices to Trick or Treat for Halloween. It was supposed to be today, so I dressed up as "girl who actually wears makeup to work". But it got moved to tomorrow. There's no way I'm gonna wear makeup two days in a row, so tomorrow I'll just be "scary looking girl". That's more fun anyway, right?

It's dreary outside and I'm kinda loving it. Perfect Halloween weather. I made my costume last night. I was going to do this costume last year but I never got around to it, so I was Daria instead. It was kinda awesome.

I think this year's costume is even more awesome. I just went to Wal Mart (and Home Depot), and picked up a few things. I cut, pasted, taped, and spray painted and then I was done. I love making my own costumes. Although I am disappointed that I didn't have time to make the costume I really wanted this year. Slutty Pumpkin. (Any HIMYM fans out there? I was gonna rock that costume. And drink Kahlua and Root Beer all night.)

I like when people are creative and make their own costumes (like this or this) as opposed to buying Slutty Tinkerbell from some random online store. 

I use Slutty Tinkerbell as my example because when I was in college, I got invited to a Halloween date party. My date and I were going to be Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. I was in charge of getting the costumes. I ordered my Tinkerbell costume from some random online website. When I got it...I realized I never looked at the "back view". It was totally assless! So instead, we were a doctor and a crazy patient. I was in a straight jacket. He wore my sister's scrubs. (What? I like skinny guys.)

Here's a little treat from the Ghost of Halloween Past (from 20 years ago). Yes I am wearing a garbage bag. And yes I'm am the cutest (non-slutty) pumpkin EVER.

Happy Halloween! What are you gonna be?


  1. haha i love it.I made my non slutty tinkerbell and my brothers rufio costume last night and am thrilled. I'm pretty sure ill be surrounded by girls in their underwear and furry ears claiming to be cats or mice and other such nonsense at the party im going to but ehh im totally ok with my awesome costume making skills.

    p.s. love the himym reference!

  2. Jealous! It's still warm in LA so it doesn't even feel like Halloween time :( And it's my fav holiday. I need to move myself to the south! ;)

  3. 1. i love DIY costumes...SO MUCH better than any store bought costume.

    2. GILLY!!! bahahahahahahhahaha....sorry.

    3. hope you really truly got thursday night wasted.