Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Want it Wednesday: Christmas Countdown

Well, kids. There are only 74 days until Christmas. So I guess I better get started on my list! I never ask for much, so I always get a lot of the same thing.

Typewriter Initial Watch
$28 from Urban Outfitters

Romance Found dress
$36 from S + A (size M)

Paige Tall Riding boots
$348 from Frye (in grey, size 6)

Annnd that's all I got. Maybe if I can come up with 3 items every Wednesday to add to my list, I'll actually give my gift givers enough choices. (33 choices, to be exact.) 

What's on your list this year?


  1. I love that watch! But if it doesn't have numbers or dots or something to show where the hours on the face are, I'll still have no idea what time it is. 10 or 11? I can't tell.

  2. HELLO! This is the best idea everrrr. Love that watch! My only item I want so far this year is gold tory burch flats! I better start working on that... the days are gonna FLY!