Monday, November 28, 2011

Conversations to Remember

Don't you wish you could remember every funny/important/life changing conversation you ever had? 

I used to list them all as quotes on Facebook. You know you did, too. 
A few of the gems I remember:

"I woke up with no shoes and can't find my car. I'm cold and scared."
"This is what I did the other day that made me realize I'm a crazy girlfriend."
"Is there a version of the Bible I can read that doesn't have all that bullshit in it?"
"I'd rather be responsible for Britney Spears than Faye Walter."

Lately, I have taken to writing down memorable conversations. Like the following:

Sassy black lady at the nail shop

SBL: Is that Michael Kors?
Me: Yes.
SBL: I wish I could afford that. I get knock off watches.
Me: Oh, it was a gift.
SBL: From a boyfriend?
Me: Yes. Birthday present. But then I broke up with him that night.
SBL: That's a nice parting gift, girl. You won.
Me: Well, he just got married and I'm still single so I think he won.
SBL: Naw girl. You won.

Rachel & Andrew in Papitos

Rach (to A): Why do you act like you're 400 pounds?
Me (to A): Yeah, it's just 300, right?
A: *picks up salsa, holds over my head* Watch it, salsa head.
Me: One time, I had a puppy and I named him Milkhead.
Rach: Umm why?
Me: Cause he was nursing and he got milk on his head.
Rach: Clever.

Catching up with an old friend

Coop: So, is there a new guy in your life?
Me: Nope. No old ones either.
Coop: Yeah, I guess I would have seen that on your ever revealing blog.

At the bar

Me (to a friend of a boy I kinda had a thing with about the boy I kinda had a thing with): Who is that girl he's talking to? She's not even cute.
Friend of boy: My sister.



  1. lol, classic! :) I like the Sassy Black Lady convo lol

  2. Bahaha the sister comment is priceless! And I love the sassy black lady!

  3. Ahaha this made me laugh. Damn funny. I love your need to keep writing them all down. Priceless!

  4. ahahahahahaha I am dying laughing at the last one. Classic. I would totally do something like that

  5. Love all of these. Good idea to start writing them down...especially since it's not cool to put them on FB anymore, or AIM profiles.

  6. jotting down humorous conversations is a must...and the blog is the perfect place!

    i personally love the SBL conversation as well as the coop conversation.