Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dear Future Faye

My precious friend Rachel wrote a post a few weeks ago in which she included a letter to herself to be read in 10 or so years. Because I can't think of anything else to post today (and I thought it was a fabulous idea) I will be doing the same.

Dear Future Faye,

33 years old. Hopefully you feel 33 years young. (Or at least look it.)

At 23, you've just about figured out who you are. You're funny but not everyone gets your humor. You're blunt and honest and not everyone likes that. You are strong willed about your beliefs and not everyone agrees with you. And that's just how you like it. Don't let that change.

I hope you've finally figured out how to tease your hair cause this cowlick is sure getting the best of me(us?) these days.

I imagine you have found a job that you are passionate about (and not one that just pays the bills). Outside of work, you better still be writing...but hopefully about topics other than drunken injuries and concerts. (Actually, those are both okay as long as you're still funny.) I hope you've stopped using parentheses so much though (because at 23, you really wear them out).

I hope you've traveled. I hope you've seen breathtaking places and eaten lots of foreign food. But don't forget all the places you want to go in the States, too. Namely, Seattle. If you haven't been to Kurt Cobain's hometown by're dead to me. 

I have a feeling you're living a whirlwind (but not too cheesy) romance with your perfect guy. (I think he may be short, fat, and bald since you obsess over tall, skinny, long haired guys. Sorry.) As a bonus, though, he's a football fan, he likes to read, loves music, loves Jesus, and he can differentiate between your and you're. 

Maybe you two have some kids, maybe you don't. If you do, I hope you are teaching them new things every day (like how to differentiate between your and you're) and giving them lots of creative freedom and spankings when they deserve them. If you have girls, I know you aren't dressing them in pink. I'm glad you're still like that.

I hope your faith in God is stronger than ever. Especially since you have a Godly man to lead you. I hope you pray together and are an inspiration to your children, friends, and community.

I hope your children love their grandparents and get to see/speak to them often. I hope they've heard stories about your dad and all the other loved ones they'll not get to meet (on Earth). I know their Aunt Morgan is spoiling them...and I hope they have lots of cousins to play with.

Don't forget to delete Faye'sbook by the time they're old enough to get online. Or at least the "Cinco de Tequila" post. And make sure "Aunt" Rachel and "Uncle" Brad know to keep their big mouths shut about everything you said/did/drank/wore between the ages of 18 and...probably even now.

No matter what has happened in these 10 years, I know you still love Ole Miss football. You're not a fair weather fan. I hope you tailgate with Rachel's family at least once a year. (Maybe more than once if you live close...but I'm really hoping you've moved out of Mississippi.) You want your kids to go to Ole Miss so you might as well get them hooked early.

I'm sure Nirvana is still your favorite band but I hope you've continued to broaden your tastes and have found many more bands to love. Same with authors. Never stop reading.

Don't ever wear mom jeans. We all know your ass is way too big for that. I'm guessing (hoping) Kim Kardashian isn't famous anymore so big asses probably aren't even in style. Get up and go work out.

I hope you're happy and everything that was missing when you were 23 has been fulfilled. Don't forget to love yourself (but not too much). And always, always be yourself. Cause you're awesome.


Present(Past?) Faye


  1. O I loved this when Rachel did it and now I love yours too!!! You are hysterical :)

  2. MAKE me cry! Of course I laughed my head off first, then cried. So sweet. I love this so very much, and I love YOU, too :) Can't wait for this weekend!