Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I could die happy. But please don't try to kill me.

After tonight, I can officially say that I could "die happy".

I will be seeing Chris Cornell in concert. If you don't know who Chris Cornell is (shame on you) he fronts Soundgarden (they sing my all-time favorite song), was a part of Temple of the Dog (with Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam), was the lead singer of Audioslave, and he even had some songs with Timbaland for you mainstreamers. Of my top 3 favorite singers, he's the only one who's still alive (RIP Kurt and Layne).

Plus, he's a total hottie.

Oh, and I'll be in the second row. Can definitely die happy.

But really, please don't take that as an open invitation to murder me. I still have Ben Rector and A.A. Bondy to see in concert this month.

Oh, and my friends and family might miss me.


  1. I saw ben rector a few weeks ago in Chicago and looooved it. I'd seen him touring with Matt Wertz, too, but he's incredible on his own tour! Have fun tonight!

  2. beautiful-- voice and looks ;) and YOU get to enjoy it!!!

    i'm so happy for you!!!

    ps. I LOOOOOVE the futurama costume (hair? AWESOME!) but had to giggle at the monster's inc comment ;)