Friday, November 11, 2011


I have always said, when I have kids, I don't want 2 girls. Girls are bitches. And when there's two of them...whoa. Get ready for fights. Fights over clothes, fights over make up, fights over boys...especially fights over boys.

But then I think about my best friend. She has a sister. (The sister is me.) 

Even though we are polar opposites in many areas (like clothing style, make up application --so I wear a lot of blush...who cares?-- and taste in men) we are similar. We're similar in the fact that we're each other's best friends.

We can practically read each other's minds. We say the same things aloud at the same time so often it gets scary.

My sister is always my best friend, even though we still fight occasionally (every day). And she ignores me often (which causes most of those fights).

I couldn't have asked for a better sister...for a better friend.

Now, you know I don't get all mushy without reason. I'm not just having some epiphany where I realized that I love my sister and all that jazz. Today's her birthday. And I forgot to get her a card. So this is it. Happy birthday sister.

Thanks for always being my best friend.


  1. uhh! i have 2 older brothers. have always wanted a sister. lucky!

  2. Aw this is just the sweetest post! Love it!