Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Bonus

Do people really get Christmas bonuses at their jobs? They do? Well, I don't. And I'm jealous. I'd love to have an extra wad of cash around the holidays so that I can spend it on myself all of my friends and family.

Buuuut. I think I may get something better.


Today is my last day at work until January 2nd. That's 11 week days, people. 11 days of paid vacation. I'd pick that over a bonus any day.

Tomorrow, sister and I are headed to Minnesota to see her boyfriend, B, for the weekend. Anyone have a parka I can borrow? It's so cold up there. 

I'll be going to my first NFL game on Sunday. I have to apologize to all my favorites...BenJarvus, Tom Brady, Gronkowski, Danny Woodhead, Wilfork, Zoltan Mesko (I really just love his name)...
My first NFL game and I won't be watching my favorites. Instead, I'll be watching the Saints beat up on the Vikings. B, being from New Orleans, is a die-hard Saints fan. Morgan is a bandwagoner. I could care less. 

But I like football, so I'll watch what I can get.

We're also going to the Mall of America (uh oh). 

I was born in Michigan but have adapted to the Mississippi weather -- any tips on how to stay warm up there? Except thermal underwear. That's what everyone suggests and I I can't do it.

Are you going on vacation this Christmas?


  1. I'd take 11 days of paid vacay over a bonus too! And I'd love to go to the Mall of America-- if only I didn't have to go to MN to do it... Have a great trip!! :)

  2. I dont get a paid vacay either but I DO get 3 weeks off of I suppose it balances out. Wouldnt it be nice to get BOTH??? :) hehe Hope you have fun at the game!

  3. I don't get paid time off or a bonus AND I have to work on Christmas, but I'm still thankful I have a job!! Drink hot chocolate!!! Have fun at the game.

  4. I'd trade my bonus in for 11 days off of work any year!

  5. I totally agree, bonus < time off, any day. Unless it's one of those bank CEO bigwig bonuses, which is like $500,000. That'd be nice.

    Enjoy the time off with your family! An NFL game will be so much fun!