Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Cards

It's December 14th. 11 Days until Christmas.

And we still haven't taken a Walter Family Christmas card picture.

We usually have our cards picked out in November. And they're usually pictures from an Ole Miss football game...but that's not happening this year. Sorry Rebs.


If we don't have time to take another picture, here are a few recent ones of us. 
Help me pick?

Merry Christmas! Love, Boobs.

Merry Christmas! Love, Faye the giant

Merry Christmas! Love, squinty eyes and sunglasses

Merry Christmas! Love, ...this one's actually not that bad.

We just need to get dressed up for five minutes tonight and snap some pics.

Have your Christmas cards been sent?


  1. The last one is my pick for sure!

    Your comment descriptions are hilarious. My mother makes us do our pictures in September, but she is notorious for picking the one that makes me look most hideous. Or maybe I'm just not photogenic. Gosh, that's not it at all.

    2006: Deirdre had facial reconstructive surgery gone horribly wrong
    2007: Bug-eye and her lopsided breasts pose with her younger brother and sister
    2008: Help! Deirdre ate the house!
    2009: And the garage!
    2010: Bug-eye is back, and this time it's personal.
    2011: Who knows. I've asked to not see the pictures my mother chooses anymore. Less embarrassment if you don't know what you're up against.