Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Nostalgia

Christmastime makes me nostalgic. It's like the Ghost of Christmas Past is all up in my face. I've been dreaming of the days of old, back when I wasn't a grownup. I miss those days. (Don't we all?)

When we were younger, we spent a lot of Christmases with family in Dallas. My favorite thing about the trips... the time spent with family? the food? the gifts?


The radio. Dallas has the best radio stations. 
As kids, my sister and I would come equipped with our tape player/radios and blank cassettes to record The Edge radio all.day.long. Thanks to iHeartRadio, I'm listening to it right now. 

I also almost miss a few of my ex boyfriends. Damn you, nostalgia.


  1. ooooh ex boyfriend nostalgia is the WORST! Focus on the good Christmas memories girlfriend!

  2. I remember that from when I lived in Dallas! Such a cute pic btw.