Friday, December 2, 2011


It's time for a few confessions, guys.

1. Yesterday, I wore leggings-as-pants. By choice. After Nike shorts, leggings-as-pants are sorority girls' best invention. You know it's true.

2. I have yet to start Christmas shopping, but I've been buying for myself like crazy. Oops!

3. I have forgotten that I have a new puppy multiple times. Like, when he goes outside. Until he barks at the door, sometimes I forget he exists. Let's hope that doesn't happen when I have kids one day.

4. I will be listening to Britney Spears all day today in honor of her 30th birthday. And I'm not even embarrassed to confess that one.

5. I sent my mom a picture of the boy I have a crush on (to remind her of what I want for Christmas) and she responded with, "OMG! Are you with him???" To which I had to reply, "Oh, no. I got that from Facebook." Creep!

6. Back in October when I vowed to start P90X again...I didn't. But 2 of my DVDs were missing. I finally got them back and I am starting on Monday. For real this time.

7. I keep a running list of future bridesmaids in my head (even though I'm not in a relationship). It has gotten a lot shorter through the years and it makes me realize that the most important friendships will last forever.

What are you confessing today? 

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  1. I can't help but agree with #2, love your #4, and share your feelings about #7. Have a good weekend!!

  2. I laughed at the Britney reference--that was one of the things that I remembered my bf telling me about himself when we first met--that he and Brit had the same birthday (I didnt realize it was the same year, too, though!)
    I totally agree with you on #7!

  3. #1 love it. and i do them both year round... even though i'm out of college, but once a sorority girl always a sorority girl, right?
    #7 i still do this! even though i'm already married! i think, "if i could have new bridesmaids...."

  4. you seriously crack me up....and I am the SAME way about shopping....i keep buying for myself!!!

  5. im stopping by from the confessional link up! i have been buying for myself like crazy, too! at least im almost done with my christmas shopping...

    i found the same was true with my bridesmaids. i had 4... which i feel like is a good number. yeah, i have more lady friends... but as im gotten older the most important friendships are fewer and farther in between, but it makes you appreciate them more.

  6. # 5. i've been doing that all week with a picture of a guy i met over the weekend..and i totally took the pic off his fb too. creepers unite! :)