Monday, December 5, 2011

I Got That Feeling

I've been searching for a book to take me away. To give me the feeling of being in another world, surrounded by the characters. And boy, did I find it.

I remember before I read Twilight, thinking how stupid it was. It was back in the day when Facebook bumper stickers were all the rage. (Hey, can we bring those back?) I thought to myself, "If I see ONE more bumper sticker about wanting to be bitten by this Edward Cullen freak I am going to deactivate my Facebook." I didn't see one more. I saw 3287937298 more. So I did what any reasonable person would do...I went straight to the bookstore to see what he was all about.

I don't care who makes fun of me for what I am about to say...but the Twilight series is great. I love it. The books and the movies. The whole experience. I read the books lightening fast. I've been to the midnight showing of every movie. I'm almost dreading the final movie release because then what will I look forward to?

Oh, I know.

The Hunger Games.
After going through the same thought process (sans bumper stickers), I finally picked up the book. Before I saw the trailer for the movie, I had no idea what it was about. Something about hunger and a bird and archery. Lame.

After I saw the trailer, I was a little more intrigued. By page 23, I was in tears and could not stop reading. I finished the book this morning. (I went to sleep after finishing Part I and had the weirdest dreams.) I'm picking up book 2 on my way home from work. I was going to stop and get it on my way back from lunch but I knew I wouldn't get any work (or this post) done if I had it in front of me.

Is there going to be a pick Team Gale v Team Peeta thing happening?

If so, I'm Team Gale. For now. I think.

I have no idea what the next books have in store for me, but I can't wait to find out.


  1. Love the Hunger Games! They shot part of the movie in my hometown this summer in NC - not entirely sure if that's a compliment given the scenery described in the book but it was exciting!

  2. I am with you on the Twilight books/movies! I haven't read Hunger Games yet but I keep getting recommendations from friends, I may have to start it!

  3. The Hunger Games is really great--I recommend it to everyone! I'm SO looking forward to the movie! I hope you enjoy the next two books. I think the first one is by far the best one, but the others are still good too. Happy reading!

  4. TEAM PEETA. Your thought might change after the 2nd book. TEAM PEETA!!!

  5. Loved this series!! Glad you are reading it. If I had known that you hadn't read it, I would have totally recommended it to you when you were asking for book recommendations. I can't wait for the movie!! I'm wondering if I should re-read the first book before the movie comes out since it's been so long...

  6. Haha I don't get too into books, as far as the insane fan thing...but I did with this one! I couldn't put them down. In my opinion I liked them in the order they came out, 1, 2, then 3.

    If I had to choose a team Peeta or Gale I seriously couldn't!