Friday, January 13, 2012

Feel Good Friday

The past two weeks have just flown by for me. 2012 needs to slow its roll. To help me savor all the small details of the week, here's a roundup.

I was disappointed in the outcome of the National Championship game Monday night. For about 5 seconds. And then I remembered that I hate Bama and LSU. Hotty Toddy.

I hate the phrase LOL but was uber excited when my football crush tweeted it to me.

I didn't miss any of my P90X workouts this week and I feel fantastic. Though I did cut one short when my band (for pullups) popped off my door and hit me in the chest. Ouch.

I almost went on a semi-spontaneous trip to Atlanta for an interview (not work related) this weekend but then I remembered that I have to work tomorrow morning. Plus side: I won't have to pay for all that gas. Oh and I'll be racking up quite a few overtime hours.

I'm wearing all black and grey today for Friday the 13th. Actually, black and grey are my primary colors and I just realized it's Friday the 13th.

My awesome bff Rachel is off work tonight, so I think we'll be going out for drinks. I haven't been out yet in 2012. Shocking.

Oh and we might go see Beauty and the Beast before we hit the bar. I'm not a huge fan of 3D, but Beauty and the Beast is not only my favorite Disney's my favorite movie of all time. I mean, come has the hottest prince. Tall, skinny, long hair.

I have still only shaved my legs once in 2012. Perk of being single or reason why I'm single?

I moved a work meeting from Sunday the 23rd to Saturday the 22nd so I don't miss the AFC Championship game. I even offered adult beverages as leverage for the attendees to agree to have it on Saturday. Don't tell HR.

I saw this video the other day and it gave me chills...his words say a lot, but His words say it all.

*I do not disagree with religion. I am a fan (and member) of organized religion. But Jesus being present in you is far more important than you being present in a church. 

Happy Friday y'all.

Speaking of "y'all". Rachel and I have been planning to do an accent vlog for months. It's happening soon.


  1. I really love this post. First off, super duper proud of you and your workouts this week. You are kicking P90X's ass. Secondly, glad you aren't going to ATL this weekend so we can make our 2012 debut at the Library tonight...I honestly don't think I've been since the night of the LSU game. What.the.hell? Thirdly, I think I've only shaved mine once (maybe twice) this year and I DO have a boyfriend...poor Andrew. Whoops. I hate shaving more than anything. What's the point when it's SO COLD OUTSIDE?! Totes think we should do our accent vlog tonight before going out..........

    Loves you.

  2. I love that video about religion. It really spoke to me, coming from someone who got away from her beliefs because of bad church experiences. Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. I hate both Bama and LSU as well, but at least they're both from the SEC. I refused to pick a side :)

  3. First of all, way to freakin' go on the P90X!! That's awesome. Secondly, I have on all black and grey too on this Friday the 13th... weird... Thirdly, I'm jealous yall are going to the Library. I want to shake my azzz tooo (and I'm super jealous about The Lion King, as well) and Last but most definitely not least, I cannot wait to see the accent vlog. I have been contemplating this for a while too!

    Ok, I think it's safe to say I like this post. That is all. Over and out.

  4. Love it! I agree 2012 needs to slow down! I also have only shaved my legs once this year so far, maybe a reason I am single too haha.
    I also just posted that video on my FB today :)

  5. perks of being single. definitely.

  6. I like that video too. Found you from Raven's blog. Read your "about me". Hilarious. New follower! :D

  7. I love this post. That's totally a perk of being single, by the way. It's wintertime, it's cold outside - leg hair is there for a reason. Beauty and the Beast in 3D will be amazing!